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A python client for's Imagine API

Project description

Imagine Client for Python

This library allows you to easily connect to's Imagine API.

Supported Image Models

Model Id Type Description
phenomenal-face image Given a facial image, this model infers the age, sex, height, and weight of a person
happy-face image Given a facial image, this model infers the mood of a person
manna image Given a food image, this model infers whether the food is healthy/unhealthy
face-detector image Given an image, this model detects whether a face is present
food-detector image Given an image, this model detects whether food is present


ImageBasedModel.create(imagine_client, model_id)

Given an ImagineClient (imagine_client) and string (model_id), creates an image model. See the "Supported Image Models" section for a list of supported model ids.

ImageBasedModel.infer(image_file_stream, store=false, metadata=None)

Performs the model's inference on an image. A read stream should be passed as the parameter (image_file_stream).

ImageBasedModel.insert_correction(corrections_dict, metadata=None)

Uploads a correction label to the imagine API, for a given inference.

ImageBasedModel.insert_prediction(predictions_dict, metadata=None)

(FOR EDGE PREDICTIONS) Uploads a prediction label to the imagine API, for a given inference.


from imagine_client_py import ImagineClient, ImageBasedModel

# Required parameters

# Initialize imagine client
imagine_client = ImagineClient({
  'api_key': API_KEY,
  'client_id': CLIENT_ID

# Create the 'happy-face' model interface
model = ImageBasedModel.create(imagine_client, 'happy-face')

# Create a read stream to a image file
with open(IMAGE_PATH, 'rb') as image_face_file:
  # Perform the model's inference, on the image.
  result = model.infer(image_face_file)


To run tests:


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