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Small collection of paths/io/string helper functions.

Project description

imcflibs3 - IMCF Py3 helper collection 🐍 🔩 🔧 🪛

This package contains a small collection of Python 3.x functions dealing with paths, I/O (file handles, ...), strings and so on.

Initially contained in the imcflibs package (note the missing 3 there!), this has been forked into a separate project for being able to support current Python versions - the original imcflibs package is nowadays exclusively useful within the Fiji / ImageJ2 ecosystem and therefore limited to Python 2.7 (or rather Jython 2.7, see the Jython 3 roadmap for more details on this topic).

As some of our other packages (e.g. micrometa) are depending on stuff provided by imcflibs, this imcflibs3 package has been created to provide those functions without the limitations mentioned above. Obviously the imcflibs.imagej submodule doesn't make sense in a CPython environment and therefore has been stripped completely from the imcflibs3 package.

Note about package versions and compatibility

Package versions will go side-by-side with the corresponding releases of the imcflibs package while skipping those releases that only affect the imcflibs.imagej submodule(s). In other words, there might (will) be version jumps of the imcflibs3 package in case there have been releases of the imcflibs one in between that were not affecting the functions contained here.

Please note that this approach might change in the future if we discover the missing versions to be a complicating factor in packaging / testing.

Developed and provided by the Imaging Core Facility (IMCF) of the Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland.

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imcflibs3-1.5.0a0.tar.gz (21.0 kB view hashes)

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imcflibs3-1.5.0a0-py3-none-any.whl (21.7 kB view hashes)

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