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Converts images to GameBoy tileset

Project description

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img2gb generates GameBoy Tilesets and Tilemaps from standard image (PNG, JPEG,…). It converts the images into the GameBoy image format and generates C code (.c and .h files) that can be used in GameBoy projects.



  • Python >= 3.8

  • Pillow >= 5.0





To work on img2gb first create a virtualenv:

python3 -m venv __env__

and activate it:

source __env__/bin/activate

Then install the project with all dev dependencies:

pip install -e .[dev]


You can lint the code and check coding style with:

nox -s lint

You can fix coding style using Black with:

nox -s black_fix

You can run test on all supported Python versions or on a specific Python version with:

nox -s test       # Run on all Python version

nox -s test-3.8   # Run on Python 3.8
nox -s test-3.9   # Run on Python 3.9
nox -s test-3.10  # Run on Python 3.10
nox -s test-3.11  # Run on Python 3.11
nox -s test-3.12  # Run on Python 3.12

And you can build the documentation with (result in build/html/):

nox -s gendoc

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  • [NEXT] (changes on master, but not released yet):

    • Nothing yet ;)

  • v1.2.0:

    • fix: Fixed wrong version displayed (@flozz, #3)

    • chore: Added Python 3.11 and 3.12 support

    • chore!: Removed Python 2.7 and 3.7 support

  • v1.1.0:

    • Removes arbitrary size limit for tilmaps

    • Implements offset option (#2)

  • v1.0.0:

    • Refacto of the Python API, with new high-level fuction to be easier to use

    • Refacto of the CLI: now tileset and tilemap are generated separately, this allow more options for both and covers more usecases.

    • New option to handle alternative palette

    • New option to handle 8x16px sprites

    • Documentation

    • Unit test (everything is not coverd but it is better than nothing :))

  • v0.10.0: Adds non-RGB image support (indexed images,…)

  • v0.9.1: Fixes an issue with Python 3

  • v0.9.0: Initial release (generates tiles, tilesets and tilemaps)

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