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Extended rest api service for IMIO usecases

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plone.restapi endpoints and adaptations


  • add element:

    • with children

    • trigger WF transitions

  • @pod-templates endpoint (collective.documentgenerator)

  • disable returning fullobject serialization upon creation:

    • by default when an object is created, the fullobject serialization is returned which is doing some processing sometimes unnecessary

    • adding an environment variable RETURN_FULLOBJECT_AFTER_CREATION_DEFAULT False will return the summary serialization when an object is created

    • this will change the default behavior but it is still possible to change this behavior for a particular POST by defining the "return_fullobject": true/false in the Body


  • manage wf_transitions triggered when creating an element in the deserializer when we will be using only DX

  • include cleanHTML functionnality at the deserializer level, also when we will be using only DX


Install imio.restapi by adding it to your buildout:



eggs =

and then running bin/buildout



The project is licensed under the GPLv2.


  • Martin Peeters [Affinitic], Original author


1.0rc2 (2024-05-27)

  • Do not fail to log restapi call when using DELETE. [gbastien]

1.0rc1 (2024-03-14)

  • Moved unused utils.listify to imio.pyutils.utils.listify. [gbastien]

  • When using a base_search_uid take also sort_on/sort_order defined on the Collection. [gbastien]

1.0b3 (2023-08-25)

  • Added parameter debug_mode to the settings, when enabled, input and output requests are displayed into the Zope log. [gbastien]

1.0b2 (2023-05-31)

  • Added helper utils.serialize_term that will serialize a vocabulary term the same way it is done by the FieldSerializer. [gbastien]

1.0b1 (2022-01-03)

  • In FolderPost.do_reply if an error occurs, do not continue, stop and return the result with the error immediately. [gbastien]

  • Added return_fullobject_after_creation_default, True by default, to the imio.restapi settings panel. This will do the full serialized object to be returned after an object is created (this is already the current behavior). When set to False, the summary serialization will be returned. [gbastien]

  • Fixed @infos?include_stats=1 blobstorage size computation to use .size.json. [gbastien]

1.0a15 (2021-11-08)

  • Override ‘update’ and ‘workflow transition’ to use the uid [vpiret]

1.0a14 (2021-07-16)

  • Avoid duplicates in metadata_fields. [gbastien]

  • In @infos if PWD env variable is not available, try to determinate instance path using the INSTANCE_HOME env variable. [gbastien]

  • Require plone.restapi<8 in as versions 8+ are only for Python3. [gbastien]

  • Fixed tests due to changes in collective.documentgenerator where the ConfigurablePODTemplate named test_ods_template is no more generable on type Document. [gbastien]

  • Added possibility to redefine the name of the metadata_fields form parameter so it may be overrided by a subclass for example. [gbastien]

1.0a13 (2021-02-15)

  • Cleanup base_search_uid parameter to avoid warnings in instance logs [mpeeters]

  • Adapt @search service to use the context instead of using path index that can be buggy on some circumstances [mpeeters]

1.0a12 (2021-02-03)

  • Improve @search by allowing element UID other than Collection for base_search_uid parameter that can be used as a base path [mpeeters]

  • Moved management of additional metadata_fields from the SearchGet service to the DefaultJSONSummarySerializer created for that, it will override the default plone.restapi DefaultJSONSummarySerializer and add id and UID by default to the results. [gbastien]

1.0a11 (2020-09-10)

  • Leave FolderPost._after_reply_hook empty (was managing wf_transitions) or wf_transitions could be broken if a package overrides _after_reply_hook and forget to call super’s original method [gbastien]

1.0a10 (2020-06-28)

  • Add class on list of actions [mpeeters]

1.0a9 (2020-06-24)

  • Improve caching of REST vocabularies [mpeeters]

  • Display imio-restapi-actions and imio-restapi-links viewlets only when package is installed (IImioRestapiLayer) [gbastien]

1.0a8 (2020-06-23)

  • Improve filtering for remote rest vocabulary by using the id without the domain [mpeeters]

  • Use @relative_path attribute for links [mpeeters]

  • Implement base serializer to add @relative_path attribute [mpeeters]

1.0a7 (2020-06-23)

  • Fix an issue with search vocabulary term ids when b_size parameter is used [mpeeters]

1.0a6 (2020-06-23)

  • Fix permissions for viewlet [mpeeters]

1.0a5 (2020-06-23)

  • Fix an error with vocabulary request when there is no body [mpeeters]

1.0a4 (2020-06-22)

  • Add missing french translations [mpeeters]

  • Implement basic auth adapter for requests [mpeeters]

  • Add an adapter to allow data transform during import of content [mpeeters]

  • Ensure that REST vocabulary base class have context available [mpeeters]

  • Add @uid rest service [mpeeters]

  • Add ImportForm base class for content import from remote app [mpeeters]

  • Make _request_schema optional to handle more usecases [mpeeters]

  • Add import_content utils to create content from rest call result [mpeeters]

  • Add get_application_url and improve generate_request_parameters utils [mpeeters]

  • Implement a base class vocabulary for search of objects on remote app [mpeeters]

  • Remove client_id parameter from base vocabulary class since the value is set directly on zope config [mpeeters]

  • Add caching for vocabularies [mpeeters]

  • Update translations [mpeeters]

  • Update form implementation for links [mpeeters]

  • Improve link viewlet [mpeeters]

  • Implement services for REST links [mpeeters]

  • Add a serializer for links [mpeeters]

  • Renamed @pod endpoint to @pod-templates to be more explicit. Endpoint @pod-templates is now a default exapandable element available in @components. [gbastien]

  • Moved FolderPost.wf_transitions call into FolderPost._after_reply_hook. Update serialized_obj review_state key if transitions were triggered in FolderPost.wf_transitions. [gbastien]

  • Added endpoint @infos to get various informations about application. This is soft depending on Products.CPUtils and imio.pyutils. [gbastien]

  • Require plone.restapi>=6.13.3. [gbastien]

  • Override @search default endpoint so it is easier to complete and is a base for sub-packages. Added management of base_search_uid, being able to give a Collection UID as base query. [gbastien]

1.0a3 (2020-06-08)

  • Add requests to package dependencies [mpeeters]

  • In add.FolderPost.reply, call self.__class__ instead FolderPost to manage children in case we inherit from FolderPost. [gbastien]

  • Added add.FolderPost.prepare_data to be able to prepare data before calling reply that will create the element. By default, this checks that data for file is correct. [gbastien]

  • Added hook after reply (_after_reply_hook). [gbastien]

  • If key wf_transitions is found during creation, given WF transitions are triggered. [gbastien]

  • Added @warnings management in FolderPost. [gbastien]

1.0a2 (2020-01-10)

  • Add REST links [mpeeters]

  • Add REST actions [mpeeters]

  • Add a base form class for REST interaction [mpeeters]

  • Implement a converter from json schema to a z3c.form interface [mpeeters]

  • Implement an endpoint to return a json schema schema [mpeeters]

  • Implement control panel [mpeeters]

  • Add bulk endpoint [mpeeters]

  • Add a endpoint to get Archetypes vocabulary values [mpeeters]

  • Add package tests [mpeeters]

  • Add @pod endpoint that will return every collective.documentgenerator generable POD template for a context. This include information on the POD template and links to generate the final document in available output formats. [gbastien]

1.0a1 (2018-12-04)

  • Initial release. [mpeeters]

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