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🛎 Test-import all modules 🛎

Project description

🛎 Test-import all modules 🛎

Individually and separately imports each Python module or file in a project and reports warnings or failures at the end.

Running impall as a unit test

Just inherit from the base class and it will automatically find and import each file, like this.

import impall

class ImpAllTest(impall.ImpAllTest):

(You can copy this file into your project if you like.)

Tests are customized by overriding one of these following properties in the derived class.


For example, to turn warnings into errors, set the property WARNINGS_ACTION in the derived class definition, like this.

class ImpAllTest(impall.ImpAllTest):
    WARNINGS_ACTION = 'error'

Running impall as a command-line utility

$ impall --warnings_action=error
$ impall -w error

The properties INCLUDE, EXCLUDE, and PROJECT_PATH can be lists of strings, or a string separated with colons like 'foo.mod1:foo.mod2'

INCLUDE and EXCLUDE match modules, and also allow * as a wildcard. A single * matches any module segment, and a double ** matches any remaining segments. For example,

INCLUDE = 'foo', 'bar.*', 'baz.**'

  • matches foo but not
  • matches but not bar or
  • matches as well as but not baz

A note on side-effects

to reduce side-effects, sys.modules is restored to its original condition after each import if CLEAR_SYS_MODULES is true, but there might be other side-effects from loading some specific module.

Use the EXCLUDE property to exclude modules with undesirable side effects. In general, it is probably a bad idea to have significant side-effects just from loading a module.

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