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Implicit parameters in Python

Project description

# Implicits
Global state can be hard to reason about, but piping dependencies from function to function is a pain. With implicits, you _explicitly_ which function parameters are _implicit_ dependencies. When you call the function, no need to explicilty provide these parameters; instead, the parameters will be implicitly passed! All that's required is that there exists local variables in scope that match the names of the parameters you're calling.
def create_task(title, *, current_user):
print(f"{current_user} created a task titled '{title}'")

current_user = "Jaden"
create_task("Hooray, a task!") # Jaden created a task titled 'Hooray, a task!'
create_task("Buy some trackpants") # Jaden created a task titled 'Buy some trackpants'

## Usage
1) Install via `pip install implicits`.
2) Import with `from implicits import implicits`.
3) Decorate using `@implicits("names", "of", "implicit", "parameters")`.

## Example
import logging
import boto3

from implicits import implicits

class Giraffe:
def __init__(self, name, *, logger): = name"Creating a Giraffe named {name}")

def full_name(self, *, logger):"Getting {}'s full name")
return f"{} the Giraffe"

def is_hungry(self, *, food):
return "leaves" in food

def main(*, logger):
jeff = Giraffe("Jeff") # Creating a Giraffe named Jeff
name = jeff.full_name # Getting Jeff's full name
food = ["rocks", "dirt"] # False
food.append("leaves") # True

logger = logging.getLogger()


## References

I didn't invent this idea! Quite a few other languages support implicit parameters. The most mainstream of these languages is Scala. [Check out how implicits work in Scala!](

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