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find python module imports

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Find python module's import dependencies.

import_deps is based on ast module from standard library, so the modules being analysed are not executed.


pip install import_deps


import_deps is designed to track only imports within a known set of package and modules.

Given a package with the modules:

  • foo/
  • foo/
  • foo/
  • foo/

Where has the following imports:

from . import foo_b
from .foo_c import obj_c

Usage (CLI)

> import_deps foo/

Usage (lib)

import pathlib
from import_deps import ModuleSet

# First initialise a ModuleSet instance with a list str of modules to track
pkg_paths = pathlib.Path('foo').glob('**/*.py')
module_set = ModuleSet([str(p) for p in pkg_paths])

# then you can get the set of imports
for imported in module_set.mod_imports('foo.foo_a'):

# foo.foo_c
# foo.foo_b


You can get a list of all modules in a ModuleSet by path or module's full qualified name.


Note that key for by_path must be exactly the as provided on ModuleSet initialization.

for mod in sorted(module_set.by_path.keys()):

# results in:
# foo/
# foo/
# foo/
# foo/


for mod in sorted(module_set.by_name.keys()):

# results in:
# foo.__init__
# foo.foo_a
# foo.foo_b
# foo.foo_c


ast_imports is a low level function that returns a list of entries for import statement in the module. The parameter file_path can be a string or pathlib.Path instance.

The return value is a list of 4-tuple items with values:

  • module name (of the "from" statement, None if a plain import)
  • object name
  • as name
  • level of relative import (number of parent, None if plain import)
from import_deps import ast_imports

# import datetime
(None, 'datetime', None, None)

# from datetime import time
('datetime', 'time', None, 0)

# from datetime import datetime as dt
('datetime', 'datetime', 'dt', 0)

# from .. import bar
(None, 'bar', None, 2)

# from .acme import baz
('acme', 'baz', None, 1)

# note that a single statement will contain one entry per imported "name"
# from datetime import time, timedelta
('datetime', 'time', None, 0)
('datetime', 'timedelta', None, 0)

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