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FFT based image registration

Project description

Imreg is a Python library that implements an FFT-based technique for translation, rotation and scale-invariant image registration [1].


Christoph Gohlke


BSD 3-Clause




Install the imreg package and all dependencies from the Python Package Index:

python -m pip install -U imreg

See Examples for using the programming interface.

Source code and support are available on GitHub.


This revision was tested with the following requirements and dependencies (other versions may work):



  • Support NumPy 2.

  • Fix docstring examples not correctly rendered on GitHub.


  • Add type hints.

  • Drop support for Python 3.8 and numpy < 1.23 (NEP29).


  • Fix scipy.ndimage DeprecationWarning.


Imreg is no longer being actively developed.

This implementation is mainly for educational purposes.

An improved version is being developed at


  1. An FFT-based technique for translation, rotation and scale-invariant image registration. BS Reddy, BN Chatterji. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 5, 1266-1271, 1996

  2. An IDL/ENVI implementation of the FFT-based algorithm for automatic image registration. H Xiea, N Hicksa, GR Kellera, H Huangb, V Kreinovich. Computers & Geosciences, 29, 1045-1055, 2003.

  3. Image Registration Using Adaptive Polar Transform. R Matungka, YF Zheng, RL Ewing. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 18(10), 2009.


>>> im0 = imread('t400')
>>> im1 = imread('Tr19s1.3')
>>> im2, scale, angle, (t0, t1) = similarity(im0, im1)
>>> imshow(im0, im1, im2)
>>> im0 = imread('t350380ori')
>>> im1 = imread('t350380shf')
>>> t0, t1 = translation(im0, im1)
>>> t0, t1
(20, 50)

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