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A connector for the FTP Technologies IMS API

Project description

# ims-python-api-connector

Connector for the FTP Technologies IMS HTTP API

## How to install

`$ pip install ims-api-connector`

## How to use

There are `.connect()` and `.close()` methods exposed as well as a context manager API (`__enter__()` and `__exit__()`) but you don't have to use either- simply calling `.get()`, `.post()` etc will handle the authentication for you.

Additionally, it will retry authentication if it picks up an authentication error during a request (to handle expired tokens etc) but if the attempt to re-authenticate fails, it will stop retrying.

from ims_api_connector import IMSAPIConnector

connector = IMSAPIConnector(
timeout=5, # optional; seconds until a request times out
retries=6, # optional; number of re-auth attempts during a request
backoff=5, # optional; seconds between re-auth attempts
insecure=False, # optional; ignore certificate warnings
logger=None, # optional; Python logger object


Which returns an object like this:

text='{"some": "data"}',
json={'some': 'data'},
error=None, # any JSON parse exception object
traceback=None, # traceback string for JSON parse exception

## How to develop


* pip
* virtualenvwrapper
* entr


* Create a virtualenv
* `mkvirtualenv ims-python-api-connector`
* Install the requirements
* `pip install -r requirements.txt`
* Watch the tests
* ./
* Write some code

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