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System monitoring daemon that logs to InfluxDB

Project description

# InfluxDB-sysmond

A system monitoring daemon for recording server statistics in [InfluxDB](

## WIP

This software is a WIP and the configuration file is most likely going to change often, so errors might happen and other weird things. So just be warned.

## Installation

You can install this via PyPI, like so:

sudo pip install influxdb-sysmond

And then all you have to do is go to **/etc/influxdb-sysmond/** and edit the **config.ini.dist** file there and you should be ready to log.

Assuming that you renamed the config file to **config.ini**, you can go ahead and run this:

influxdb-sysmond /etc/influxdb-sysmond/config.ini

And the daemon will start logging everything to the InfluxDB server you specified.

## Included Collectors

This is a list of some of the default packaged collectors that are enabled:

### **cpu** - `system.cpu`
#### Returns percentages of CPU allocation

|**user**|*int*|Percent used by user processes|
|**nice**|*int*|Percent used by nice'd processes|
|**system**|*int*|Percent used by the system|
|**idle**|*int*|Percent of CPU that's idle|

### **disk** - `system.disk.*`
#### Returns information about disk usage

|**total**|*long*|Total available space *in bytes*|
|**used**|*long*|Space used *in bytes*|
|**free**|*long*|Free space *in bytes*|

**Note**: This plugin also returns a combined total available under the `` series.

### **load** - `system.load`
#### Returns system load information

|**1m**|*int*|1 minute load average|
|**5m**|*int*|5 minute load average|
|**15m**|*int*|15 minute load average|

### **memory** - `system.memory`
#### Returns system memory allocations and usage

All of these values are calculated in *bytes*.

|**total**|*long*|Total memory|
|**available**|*long*|Total uncached memory|
|**used**|*long*|Total cached memory|
|**active**|*long*|Total actively used memory|
|**inactive**|*long*|Total allocated but unused memory|
|**free**|*long*|Total unallocated memory|

### **net** - `*`
#### Returns network information seperated by interface

|**bytes_tx**|*long*|Total bytes sent|
|**bytes_rx**|*long*|Total bytes received|
|**packets_rx**|*long*|Total packets received|
|**packets_tx**|*long*|Total packets sent|
|**errors_in**|*long*|Total incoming packet errors|
|**errors_out**|*long*|Total outgoing packet errors|
|**dropped_in**|*long*|Total incoming dropped packets|
|**dropped_out**|*long*|Total outgoing dropped packets|

## Custom Collectors
You can go ahead and add collectors to the **/etc/influxdb-sysmond/collectors/** (making sure to import them in the **** file) and we will automatically run them in the cycles and report their values.

Here's some examples:

import rand

class ExampleCollector(CollectorThread):
identifier = 'example' # This is required!

def collect(self, cache):
# Stateful cache (across collections)
if last in cache:
cache['last'] = rand.randint(0, 100)

return [{
"name": "your.point",
"columns": [
"points": [
rand.randint(0, 100)

And import it in **collectors/**:

from .example import *

## License

MIT license, see the **LICENSE** file.

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