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A simple config reader based on python Config Parser.

Project description

This is a simple project to read python configurations from INI files. Has the following features:

  • It uses the Singleton pattern to configure the reader only once and used it across an application.

  • Reloads the configurations when the configuration file is changed.

  • Read OS variables as Strings, e.g., ‘%(LANG)s’

  • The configurations are automatically converted to a python data type

  • Collect a configuration section as a dictionary

The available data types are: - Strings, surrounded by ‘’ or “” - Integers - Floats - Lists, [1,2,3] - Dictionaries, {‘test’: {‘is_dict’: True}}


To use the config_reader simple install using pip

$ pip install ini-config-reader


Python3 tested for versions 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7


The conf_reader has three class variables, INI_FILE, RELOAD and DICT_CACHE.




Path to the file that contains the configurations


Set if the INI file should be reloaded when changes are detected


When collecting the section as dictionary store it in a dict to avoid processing the reading

Regular usage

Since the config_reader implements the singleton pattern the user only needs to configure the INI_File once. Then the get method and get_section_dict can be used as static methods.

from conf_reader.reader import ConfReader

ConfReader.get('Section_1', 'configuration_1')  # Can be used in different modules


The config_reader uses a decorator to inject configuration in functions. To use it the INI_FILE must be already configured and a config variable must exist in the function’s signature.

from conf_reader.reader import ConfReader, read_conf

@read_conf("SECTION_1", 'config_2')
def read_with_arguments(*args, config, **kwargs):



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details

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