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Printing and viewing spectrograms of audio files in command line

Project description


Inspect audio files and images from the command line by displaying them as unicode characters.

Primary purpose is to inspect media files on a server during a remote SSH session or to quickly spot-check files during a script. Provides printing to stdout, a terminal gui built with curses, and importable Python functions.


pip install inspec


Command Line

Launch the GUI viewer for audio files and image files respectively. At some point I probably want to merge these two commands and infer the file type from the extensions.

inspec open FILENAME [-r ROWS] [-c COLS] [--cmap CMAP]
inspec imopen FILENAME [-r ROWS] [-c COLS] [--cmap CMAP]

Print a file to stdout, inferring type of file base on extension and contents (audio and image versions)

inspec show FILENAME [-w WIDTH] [-h HEIGHT] [--cmap CMAP] [--horizontal OR --vertical]
inspec imshow FILENAME [-w WIDTH] [-h HEIGHT] [--cmap CMAP] [--horizontal OR --vertical]

Show a live spectrogram or amplitude of an input device

inspec listen [-d DEVICE] [-c CHANNELS] [-m 'spec' OR 'amp'] [--cmap CMAP]
inspec list-devices
inspec list-cmaps


Convenience methods mirroring the cli

import inspec

# Open a terminal gui
inspec.open_gui(FILENAMES, rows=2, cols=2, cmap="viridis")
inspec.open_image_gui(FILENAMES, rows=4, cols=3, cmap="greys")

# Printing to stdout, width=0.5, height=0.5)
inspec.imshow(FILENAME, width=0.5, height=0.5)

# Open a gui displaying live spectrograms
inspec.listen(device=DEVICE, channels=1)

'inspec open' and 'inspec imopen' commands

General controls

Action Key
Close the program [q]
Change selected file [arrow keys] or [h,j,k,l]
Prompt to set display rows [r]
Prompt to set display cols (int) [c]
Prompt to jump to page (int) [p]

Audio only

Action Key
Zoom out/in in time [+]
Prompt to set timescale (float) [s]
Toggle spectrogram/amplitude view [z]
Scroll file in time [shift + arrow keys] or [H,L]
Prompt to jump to time (seconds) [t]
Switch to channel (0 indexed, max 9) [number keys]

Images only

Action Key
Toggle thumbnail (lower resolution) [z]

'inspec listen' commands

Action Key
Close the program [q]
Increase gain [up arrow] or [k]
Decrease gain [down arrow] or [j]
Zoom in on y scale [+]
Zoom out on y scale [-]
Prompt to set gain (float in dB, defaults 0) [g]

Rendering data

For more fine-grained control, or to extend the visualizations to other data formats, you can add/modify/remove intermediate processing steps. These are

  1. reading in data (

  2. converting to 2D image array (inspec.transform)

  3. converting image data into 2d array of unicode characters and foreground/background scale values between 0 and 1 (inspec.maps)

  4. applying a colormap to the colors, converting into a 2d array of unicode characters and foreground/background color values (StdoutRenderer.apply_colormap_to_char_array())

  5. and then displaying those characters. (StdoutRenderer.render())

import inspec
from inspec.colormap import load_cmap
from import AudioReader
from inspec.maps import QuarterCharMap
from inspec.render import StdoutRenderer
from inspec.transform import SpectrogramTransform

cmap = load_cmap("viridis")
transform = SpectrogramTransform(1000, 50, min_freq=250, max_freq=10000)

data, sampling_rate, _ = AudioReader.read_file("sample.wav")

# Convert the data into a 2D image
img, _ = transform.convert(data, sampling_rate, output_size=(80, 160))

# Convert the image into tuples of unicode characters and colors to map (from 0. to 1.)
char_img = QuarterCharMap.to_char_array(img)

# Apply a colormap to the 0. to 1. colors into terminal color values (or curses colors)
char_img_colorized = StdoutRenderer.apply_cmap_to_char_array(cmap, char_img)

# Display the characters and colors to the screen


Definitely works on Ubuntu + Python3.8. Kind of works on Windows 10 + Python3.8 in Powershell but a little unstable, needs pip install windows-curses as well.

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