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Reads your code and returns a JSON description you can use to generate documentation. Like Sphinx AutoDoc but without Sphinx.

Project description


When documenting a library or software product written in Python, often
a README is not enough, but full-blown Sphinx is too much work or too

Inspect is a command-line tool that will automatically document Python
code, but it returns the output as machine-readable JSON or
human-readable Markdown, so you retain full control of how to render the

Usage: inspect [] [options]

Options: -m --markdown At what level to start headers. --include ...
--exclude ...

If you only need a single object documented (whether a function, a class
or something else), you can use the

.. raw:: html




# will only include documentation on `A`
inspect fixtures/ A

Filtering the output with ``--include`` and ``--exclude`` ensures that
your code description only contains exactly what you want it to. Some


# only include class methods if they've been documented
inspect fixtures/ --include members.documented
# only include classes
inspect fixtures/ --include type:class
# only document function `factorize` and class `Bean`
inspect fixtures/ --include name:fun,name:B
# only include documented methods on Bean
# (these two are identical)
inspect fixtures/ Bean --include documented
inspect fixtures/ --include name:Bean,members.documented

As you can see, ``.`` traverses the hierarchy and ``:`` is the value to
test against. (If you don't specify a value, we will test on presence.)

``,`` separates multiple criteria that are OR'ed together.


- improve documentation
- unit test the filtering mechanism
- fill out missing information in the description JSON (if any)
- an ``intercalate`` utility that runs shell commands inside of ``%%``
tags in a file and replaces the tags with the standard output from
those commands

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