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Selenium based Instagram Scraper

Project description

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Selenium based Instagram scraper

Note that is project is currently in alpha: APIs can and will change without warning.

Currently support functionality:

  • Log into Instagram

  • Handle the mobile app related popups

Planned functionality in upcoming release(s):

  • Return all posts from Home page

Example usage:

from selenium import webdriver

from instabrade import Instagram

my_username = "my username"
my_password = "my password"

driver = webdriver.Chrome()

    # Instantiate the object
    # - This also loads instagram's URL
    ig = Instagram(driver)

    # Click the "Log in" link to display the login fields

    # Fill in the username and password fields
    ig.log_in_page.log_in_username = my_username
    ig.log_in_page.log_in_password = my_password

    # Click the Log In button


Instabrade is page-aware. If you attempt to interact with a property or method for a page that isn’t currently loaded, a WrongPageError exception will get thrown:

In [1]: from selenium import webdriver

In [2]: from instabrade import Instagram

In [3]: driver = webdriver.Chrome()

In [4]: ig = Instagram(driver)

In [5]: ig.log_in_page.log_in_link_click()

In [6]: ig.log_in_page.log_in_username = my_username

In [7]: ig.log_in_page.log_in_password = my_password

In [8]: ig.log_in_page.log_in_button_click()

In [9]: ig.log_in_page.log_in_username = my_username
WrongPageError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-9-eb1e96eabcf5> in <module>()
----> 1 ig.log_in_page.log_in_username = my_username

/Users/levi/workspace/instabrade/instabrade/ in inner(obj, *args, **kwargs)
    7     @wraps(func)
    8     def inner(obj, *args, **kwargs):
----> 9         obj.assert_on_page()
    11         return func(obj, *args, **kwargs)

/Users/levi/workspace/instabrade/instabrade/ in assert_on_page(self)
    64             exc_msg = "Wrong page loaded. Expected {0} but found {1}"
    65             raise WrongPageError(exc_msg.format(self.PAGE_IDENTIFIER,
---> 66                                                 current_page_identifier))
    68     @property

WrongPageError: Wrong page loaded. Expected
PageID(name='Log In Page Identifier', css_path='h1.coreSpriteLoggedOutWordmark', attr='class', attr_value='coreSpriteLoggedOutWordmark')
but found
PageID(name='Home Page Identifier', css_path='main[role="main"] > section a[href$="explore/"]', attr='href', attr_value='/explore/')

In [10]:

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