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Send password reset requests to Instagram accounts without reCaptcha

Project description

InstaReset - Forgot Instagram Password using Python !

What is this?

This script was made to send a Instagram reset password request using Python without asking for reCAPTCHA as Instagram does if we used a browser, It supports username and email methods.

How it works ?

This script works by using a faked mobile user agent like Instagram Android (29/10; 300dpi; 720x1440) and send a POST request to with a random generated CSRF token of 32 chars in the request data.


  • Faster ⚡
  • No reCAPTCHA 🤖
  • Nice looking CLI 🎨
  • Works on mobile 📱



The source code is now available on PyPi so you can install it using pip:

pip install instareset

Module version usage (New in v2.0.0)

from instareset import InstaReset

# Create an instance of InstaReset
ir = InstaReset()

# Send a reset password request
ir.send_request('username or email')

send_request might raise InvalidUsernameException, RateLimitedException, or UsernameNotFoundException which can be imported from instareset.exceptions.



What's new?

  • Added module support, script mode still available if you run the script directly.
  • Uploaded source code to PyPi
  • Removed main.exe file
  • New ASCII art and changed in console style
  • Changed file (added installation and usage sections)
  • Changed coloring module to Rich

Coming soon...

  • Auto reset password feature (available with temporary email that the script will generate)


  • Auto detect target's method (email/username)
  • More clean code
  • Fixed bug in email method


  • Initial release

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