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Easy, simple, scalable and modular: a Python API wrapper for interactions.

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A Feature-rich Discord Bot Framework for Python

A highly extensible, easy to use, and feature complete framework for Discord. is the culmination of years of experience with Discord's APIs and bot development. This framework has been built from the ground up with community feedback and suggestions in mind. Our framework provides a modern and intuitive set of language bindings for easy interaction with Discord.

Key Features offers a wide range of features for building Python-powered Discord bots and web applications alike:

  • ✅ 100% coverage of the Discord API
  • ✅ Dynamic cache with TTL support
  • ✅ Modern and Pythonic API for easy interaction with Discord
  • ✅ Proper rate-limit handling
  • ✅ Feature parity with most other Discord API wrappers
  • ✅ Fully automated command synchronisation

In addition to core functionality, provides a range of optional extensions, allowing you to further customize your bot and add new features with ease.


So the base library doesn't do what you want? No problem! With builtin extensions, you are able to extend the functionality of the library. And if none of those pique your interest, there are a myriad of other extension libraries available.

Just type bot.load_extension("extension")


Prefixed Commands

Prefixed commands, message commands, or legacy commands. Whatever you want to call them, by default the library will not handle these. But rest assured this extension will get you going

  • ✅ Automatic command registration
  • ✅ Annotation support

Debug Extension

A fully featured debug and utilities suite to help you get your bots made


A hot reloading extension allowing you to automagically update your bot without reboots


Integrates error tracking into your bot with a single line


Adds aiomonitor support with enables cli commands over a web interface


Easily create multi-page embeds without having to implement the UX

Where do I start?

Getting started with is easy! Simply install it via pip and start building your Discord application in Python:

pip install -U discord-py-interactions

import interactions

bot = interactions.Client()

async def on_startup():
    print("Bot is ready!")


With, you can quickly and easily build complex Discord applications with Python. Check out our guides for more information. Or join our discord.

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