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inventory analytics,revenue management and cost calculations for SKUs

Project description

Package: inventorize Title: Inventory Analytics,Markdowns and Pricing. Version: 1.0.8 Authors person("Haytham", "Omar", email = "", role = c("aut", "cre")) Description: Simulate inventory policies, facilitate inventory analysis calculations such as stock levels and re-order points,pricing and promotions calculations. The package includes calculations of inventory metrics, stock-out calculations and ABC analysis calculations. The package includes revenue management techniques such as Multi-product optimization,logit model optimization. The functions are referenced from : 1-Harris, Ford W. (1913). "How many parts to make at once". Factory, The Magazine of Management. <isbn10: 135–136, 152>. 2- Nahmias, S. Production and Operations Analysis. McGraw-Hill International Edition. <isbn: 0-07- 2231265-3. Chapter 4>. 3-Silver, E.A., Pyke, D.F., Peterson, R. Inventory Management and Production Planning and Scheduling. <isbn: 978-0471119470>. 4-Ballou, R.H. Business Logistics Management. <isbn: 978-0130661845>. Chapter 9. 5-MIT Micromasters Program. 6- Columbia University course for supply and demand analysis. 8- Price Elasticity of Demand MATH 104,Mark Mac Lean (with assistance from Patrick Chan) 2011W For further details or correspondence :<>, <>.

Change Log

1.0.8 (29/08/2022)

  • second Release 1- R.s.S inventory policy is added. 2- Max policy is added (different than Min Max) 2- you can compare forecasting impact on inventory not just relying on the average. 3- the forecasts can be one step like exponential smoothing/croston or multi-steps like machine learning models or seasonal arimas. 4- the plots are automatically added with a TRUE or FALSE arguments. 5- polynomial price optimization is added with the current linear and logit. 6- the markdown model for seasonal merchandizing from (walker 1999) is added to identify the viability and the percentage of the markdown. 7- In static policies, you can can recalculate the min and the max during the simulation horizon. Also user can manually define the min, max, quantity, saftey stock if required.

8- the classification of the demand is added as an output. 9- average flow time is added which is how much time on average a unit stays in stock. 10- initial inventory level can be set manually. 11- also because many have asked the ABC thresholds can be changed and up to two attributes can be added in the function abc_dynamic().

0.0.8 (29/08/2020)

  • first Release

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