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CLOUD API - EXPERIMENTAL version used for testing

Project description


An enterprise-grade Infrastructure is provided as a Service (IaaS) solution that can be managed through a browser-based "Data Center Designer" (DCD) tool or via an easy to use API.

The API allows you to perform a variety of management tasks such as spinning up additional servers, adding volumes, adjusting networking, and so forth. It is designed to allow users to leverage the same power and flexibility found within the DCD visual tool. Both tools are consistent with their concepts and lend well to making the experience smooth and intuitive.

This Python package is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:

  • API version: 5.0
  • Package version: 1.0.0
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.PythonClientCodegen


Python 2.7 and 3.4+

Installation & Usage

pip install

If the python package is hosted on a repository, you can install directly using:

pip install git+

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install git+

Then import the package:

import ionos_cloud_sdk


Install via Setuptools.

python install --user

(or sudo python install to install the package for all users)

Then import the package:

import ionos_cloud_sdk

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

from __future__ import print_function

import time
import ionos_cloud_sdk
from import ApiException
from pprint import pprint

# Defining the host is optional and defaults to
# See for a list of all supported configuration parameters.
configuration = ionos_cloud_sdk.Configuration(
    host = ""

# The client must configure the authentication and authorization parameters
# in accordance with the API server security policy.
# Examples for each auth method are provided below, use the example that
# satisfies your auth use case.

# Configure HTTP basic authorization: Basic Authentication
configuration = ionos_cloud_sdk.Configuration(
    username = 'YOUR_USERNAME',
    password = 'YOUR_PASSWORD'

# Configure API key authorization: Token Authentication
configuration = ionos_cloud_sdk.Configuration(
    host = "",
    api_key = {
        'Token Authentication': 'YOUR_API_KEY'
# Uncomment below to setup prefix (e.g. Bearer) for API key, if needed
# configuration.api_key_prefix['Token Authentication'] = 'Bearer'

# Enter a context with an instance of the API client
with ionos_cloud_sdk.ApiClient(configuration) as api_client:
    # Create an instance of the API class
    api_instance = ionos_cloud_sdk.BackupUnitApi(api_client)
    backupunit_id = 'backupunit_id_example' # str | The unique ID of the backup Unit
pretty = True # bool | Controls whether response is pretty-printed (with indentation and new lines) (optional) (default to True)
depth = 0 # int | Controls the details depth of response objects.  Eg. GET /datacenters/[ID]  - depth=0: only direct properties are included. Children (servers etc.) are not included  - depth=1: direct properties and children references are included  - depth=2: direct properties and children properties are included  - depth=3: direct properties and children properties and children's children are included  - depth=... and so on (optional) (default to 0)
x_contract_number = 56 # int | Users having more than 1 contract need to provide contract number, against which all API requests should be executed (optional)

        # Delete a Backup Unit
        api_response = api_instance.backupunits_delete(backupunit_id, pretty=pretty, depth=depth, x_contract_number=x_contract_number)
    except ApiException as e:
        print("Exception when calling BackupUnitApi->backupunits_delete: %s\n" % e)

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
BackupUnitApi backupunits_delete DELETE /backupunits/{backupunitId} Delete a Backup Unit
BackupUnitApi backupunits_find_by_id GET /backupunits/{backupunitId} Returns the specified backup Unit
BackupUnitApi backupunits_get GET /backupunits List Backup Units
BackupUnitApi backupunits_patch PATCH /backupunits/{backupunitId} Partially modify a Backup Unit
BackupUnitApi backupunits_post POST /backupunits Create a Backup Unit
BackupUnitApi backupunits_put PUT /backupunits/{backupunitId} Modify a Backup Unit
BackupUnitApi backupunits_ssourl_get GET /backupunits/{backupunitId}/ssourl Returns a single signon URL for the specified backup Unit.
ContractApi contracts_get GET /contracts Retrieve a Contract
DataCenterApi datacenters_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId} Delete a Data Center
DataCenterApi datacenters_find_by_id GET /datacenters/{datacenterId} Retrieve a Data Center
DataCenterApi datacenters_get GET /datacenters List Data Centers under your account
DataCenterApi datacenters_patch PATCH /datacenters/{datacenterId} Partially modify a Data Center
DataCenterApi datacenters_post POST /datacenters Create a Data Center
DataCenterApi datacenters_put PUT /datacenters/{datacenterId} Modify a Data Center
IPBlocksApi ipblocks_delete DELETE /ipblocks/{ipblockId} Delete IP Block
IPBlocksApi ipblocks_find_by_id GET /ipblocks/{ipblockId} Retrieve an IP Block
IPBlocksApi ipblocks_get GET /ipblocks List IP Blocks
IPBlocksApi ipblocks_patch PATCH /ipblocks/{ipblockId} Partially modify IP Block
IPBlocksApi ipblocks_post POST /ipblocks Reserve IP Block
IPBlocksApi ipblocks_put PUT /ipblocks/{ipblockId} Modify IP Block
ImageApi images_delete DELETE /images/{imageId} Delete an Image
ImageApi images_find_by_id GET /images/{imageId} Retrieve an Image
ImageApi images_get GET /images List Images
ImageApi images_patch PATCH /images/{imageId} Partially modify an Image
ImageApi images_put PUT /images/{imageId} Modify an Image
KubernetesApi k8s_delete DELETE /k8s/{k8sClusterId} Delete Kubernetes Cluster
KubernetesApi k8s_find_by_clusterid GET /k8s/{k8sClusterId} Retrieve Kubernetes Cluster
KubernetesApi k8s_get GET /k8s List Kubernetes Clusters
KubernetesApi k8s_kubeconfig_get GET /k8s/{k8sClusterId}/kubeconfig Retrieve Kubernetes Configuration File
KubernetesApi k8s_nodepools_delete DELETE /k8s/{k8sClusterId}/nodepools/{nodepoolId} Delete Kubernetes Node Pool
KubernetesApi k8s_nodepools_find_by_id GET /k8s/{k8sClusterId}/nodepools/{nodepoolId} Retrieve Kubernetes Node Pool
KubernetesApi k8s_nodepools_get GET /k8s/{k8sClusterId}/nodepools List Kubernetes Node Pools
KubernetesApi k8s_nodepools_nodes_delete DELETE /k8s/{k8sClusterId}/nodepools/{nodepoolId}/nodes/{nodeId} Delete Kubernetes node
KubernetesApi k8s_nodepools_nodes_find_by_id GET /k8s/{k8sClusterId}/nodepools/{nodepoolId}/nodes/{nodeId} Retrieve Kubernetes node
KubernetesApi k8s_nodepools_nodes_get GET /k8s/{k8sClusterId}/nodepools/{nodepoolId}/nodes Retrieve Kubernetes nodes.
KubernetesApi k8s_nodepools_nodes_replace_post POST /k8s/{k8sClusterId}/nodepools/{nodepoolId}/nodes/{nodeId}/replace Recreate the Kubernetes node
KubernetesApi k8s_nodepools_post POST /k8s/{k8sClusterId}/nodepools Create a Kubernetes Node Pool
KubernetesApi k8s_nodepools_put PUT /k8s/{k8sClusterId}/nodepools/{nodepoolId} Modify Kubernetes Node Pool
KubernetesApi k8s_post POST /k8s Create Kubernetes Cluster
KubernetesApi k8s_put PUT /k8s/{k8sClusterId} Modify Kubernetes Cluster
KubernetesApi k8s_versions_compatibilities_get GET /k8s/versions/{clusterVersion}/compatibilities Retrieves a list of available kubernetes versions for nodepools depending on the given kubernetes version running in the cluster.
KubernetesApi k8s_versions_default_get GET /k8s/versions/default Retrieve the current default kubernetes version for clusters and nodepools.
KubernetesApi k8s_versions_get GET /k8s/versions Retrieve available Kubernetes versions
LabelApi datacenters_labels_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/labels/{key} Delete a Label from Data Center
LabelApi datacenters_labels_find_by_key GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/labels/{key} Retrieve a Label of Data Center
LabelApi datacenters_labels_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/labels List all Data Center Labels
LabelApi datacenters_labels_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/labels Add a Label to Data Center
LabelApi datacenters_labels_put PUT /datacenters/{datacenterId}/labels/{key} Modify a Label of Data Center
LabelApi datacenters_servers_labels_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/labels/{key} Delete a Label from Server
LabelApi datacenters_servers_labels_find_by_key GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/labels/{key} Retrieve a Label of Server
LabelApi datacenters_servers_labels_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/labels List all Server Labels
LabelApi datacenters_servers_labels_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/labels Add a Label to Server
LabelApi datacenters_servers_labels_put PUT /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/labels/{key} Modify a Label of Server
LabelApi datacenters_volumes_labels_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes/{volumeId}/labels/{key} Delete a Label from Volume
LabelApi datacenters_volumes_labels_find_by_key GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes/{volumeId}/labels/{key} Retrieve a Label of Volume
LabelApi datacenters_volumes_labels_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes/{volumeId}/labels List all Volume Labels
LabelApi datacenters_volumes_labels_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes/{volumeId}/labels Add a Label to Volume
LabelApi datacenters_volumes_labels_put PUT /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes/{volumeId}/labels/{key} Modify a Label of Volume
LabelApi ipblocks_labels_delete DELETE /ipblocks/{ipblockId}/labels/{key} Delete a Label from IP Block
LabelApi ipblocks_labels_find_by_key GET /ipblocks/{ipblockId}/labels/{key} Retrieve a Label of IP Block
LabelApi ipblocks_labels_get GET /ipblocks/{ipblockId}/labels List all Ip Block Labels
LabelApi ipblocks_labels_post POST /ipblocks/{ipblockId}/labels Add a Label to IP Block
LabelApi ipblocks_labels_put PUT /ipblocks/{ipblockId}/labels/{key} Modify a Label of IP Block
LabelApi labels_find_by_labelurn GET /labels/{labelurn} Returns the label by its URN.
LabelApi labels_get GET /labels List Labels
LabelApi snapshots_labels_delete DELETE /snapshots/{snapshotId}/labels/{key} Delete a Label from Snapshot
LabelApi snapshots_labels_find_by_key GET /snapshots/{snapshotId}/labels/{key} Retrieve a Label of Snapshot
LabelApi snapshots_labels_get GET /snapshots/{snapshotId}/labels List all Snapshot Labels
LabelApi snapshots_labels_post POST /snapshots/{snapshotId}/labels Add a Label to Snapshot
LabelApi snapshots_labels_put PUT /snapshots/{snapshotId}/labels/{key} Modify a Label of Snapshot
LanApi datacenters_lans_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/lans/{lanId} Delete a Lan.
LanApi datacenters_lans_find_by_id GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/lans/{lanId} Retrieve a Lan
LanApi datacenters_lans_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/lans List Lans
LanApi datacenters_lans_nics_find_by_id GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/lans/{lanId}/nics/{nicId} Retrieve a nic attached to lan
LanApi datacenters_lans_nics_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/lans/{lanId}/nics List Lan Members
LanApi datacenters_lans_nics_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/lans/{lanId}/nics Attach a nic
LanApi datacenters_lans_patch PATCH /datacenters/{datacenterId}/lans/{lanId} Partially modify a Lan
LanApi datacenters_lans_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/lans Create a Lan
LanApi datacenters_lans_put PUT /datacenters/{datacenterId}/lans/{lanId} Modify a Lan
LoadBalancerApi datacenters_loadbalancers_balancednics_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/loadbalancers/{loadbalancerId}/balancednics/{nicId} Detach a nic from loadbalancer
LoadBalancerApi datacenters_loadbalancers_balancednics_find_by_nic GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/loadbalancers/{loadbalancerId}/balancednics/{nicId} Retrieve a nic attached to Load Balancer
LoadBalancerApi datacenters_loadbalancers_balancednics_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/loadbalancers/{loadbalancerId}/balancednics List Load Balancer Members
LoadBalancerApi datacenters_loadbalancers_balancednics_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/loadbalancers/{loadbalancerId}/balancednics Attach a nic to Load Balancer
LoadBalancerApi datacenters_loadbalancers_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/loadbalancers/{loadbalancerId} Delete a Loadbalancer.
LoadBalancerApi datacenters_loadbalancers_find_by_id GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/loadbalancers/{loadbalancerId} Retrieve a loadbalancer
LoadBalancerApi datacenters_loadbalancers_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/loadbalancers List Load Balancers
LoadBalancerApi datacenters_loadbalancers_patch PATCH /datacenters/{datacenterId}/loadbalancers/{loadbalancerId} Partially modify a Loadbalancer
LoadBalancerApi datacenters_loadbalancers_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/loadbalancers Create a Load Balancer
LoadBalancerApi datacenters_loadbalancers_put PUT /datacenters/{datacenterId}/loadbalancers/{loadbalancerId} Modify a Load Balancer
LocationApi locations_find_by_region GET /locations/{regionId} List Locations within a region
LocationApi locations_find_by_region_and_id GET /locations/{regionId}/{locationId} Retrieve a Location
LocationApi locations_get GET /locations List Locations
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics/{nicId} Delete a Nic
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_find_by_id GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics/{nicId} Retrieve a Nic
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_firewallrules_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics/{nicId}/firewallrules/{firewallruleId} Delete a Firewall Rule
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_firewallrules_find_by_id GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics/{nicId}/firewallrules/{firewallruleId} Retrieve a Firewall Rule
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_firewallrules_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics/{nicId}/firewallrules List Firewall Rules
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_firewallrules_patch PATCH /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics/{nicId}/firewallrules/{firewallruleId} Partially modify a Firewall Rule
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_firewallrules_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics/{nicId}/firewallrules Create a Firewall Rule
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_firewallrules_put PUT /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics/{nicId}/firewallrules/{firewallruleId} Modify a Firewall Rule
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics List Nics
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_patch PATCH /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics/{nicId} Partially modify a Nic
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics Create a Nic
NicApi datacenters_servers_nics_put PUT /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/nics/{nicId} Modify a Nic
PrivateCrossConnectApi pccs_delete DELETE /pccs/{pccId} Delete a Private Cross-Connect
PrivateCrossConnectApi pccs_find_by_id GET /pccs/{pccId} Retrieve a Private Cross-Connect
PrivateCrossConnectApi pccs_get GET /pccs List Private Cross-Connects
PrivateCrossConnectApi pccs_patch PATCH /pccs/{pccId} Partially modify a private cross-connect
PrivateCrossConnectApi pccs_post POST /pccs Create a Private Cross-Connect
RequestApi requests_find_by_id GET /requests/{requestId} Retrieve a Request
RequestApi requests_get GET /requests List Requests
RequestApi requests_status_get GET /requests/{requestId}/status Retrieve Request Status
ServerApi datacenters_servers_cdroms_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/cdroms/{cdromId} Detach a CD-ROM
ServerApi datacenters_servers_cdroms_find_by_id GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/cdroms/{cdromId} Retrieve an attached CD-ROM
ServerApi datacenters_servers_cdroms_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/cdroms List attached CD-ROMs
ServerApi datacenters_servers_cdroms_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/cdroms Attach a CD-ROM
ServerApi datacenters_servers_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId} Delete a Server
ServerApi datacenters_servers_find_by_id GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId} Retrieve a Server
ServerApi datacenters_servers_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers List Servers
ServerApi datacenters_servers_patch PATCH /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId} Partially modify a Server
ServerApi datacenters_servers_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers Create a Server
ServerApi datacenters_servers_put PUT /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId} Modify a Server
ServerApi datacenters_servers_reboot_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/reboot Reboot a Server
ServerApi datacenters_servers_start_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/start Start a Server
ServerApi datacenters_servers_stop_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/stop Stop a Server
ServerApi datacenters_servers_upgrade_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/upgrade Upgrade a Server
ServerApi datacenters_servers_volumes_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/volumes/{volumeId} Detach a volume
ServerApi datacenters_servers_volumes_find_by_id GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/volumes/{volumeId} Retrieve an attached volume
ServerApi datacenters_servers_volumes_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/volumes List Attached Volumes
ServerApi datacenters_servers_volumes_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/servers/{serverId}/volumes Attach a volume
SnapshotApi snapshots_delete DELETE /snapshots/{snapshotId} Delete a Snapshot
SnapshotApi snapshots_find_by_id GET /snapshots/{snapshotId} Retrieve a Snapshot by its uuid.
SnapshotApi snapshots_get GET /snapshots List Snapshots
SnapshotApi snapshots_patch PATCH /snapshots/{snapshotId} Partially modify a Snapshot
SnapshotApi snapshots_put PUT /snapshots/{snapshotId} Modify a Snapshot
UserManagementApi um_groups_delete DELETE /um/groups/{groupId} Delete a Group
UserManagementApi um_groups_find_by_id GET /um/groups/{groupId} Retrieve a Group
UserManagementApi um_groups_get GET /um/groups List All Groups.
UserManagementApi um_groups_post POST /um/groups Create a Group
UserManagementApi um_groups_put PUT /um/groups/{groupId} Modify a group
UserManagementApi um_groups_resources_get GET /um/groups/{groupId}/resources Retrieve resources assigned to a group
UserManagementApi um_groups_shares_delete DELETE /um/groups/{groupId}/shares/{resourceId} Remove a resource from a group
UserManagementApi um_groups_shares_find_by_resource GET /um/groups/{groupId}/shares/{resourceId} Retrieve a group share
UserManagementApi um_groups_shares_get GET /um/groups/{groupId}/shares List Group Shares
UserManagementApi um_groups_shares_post POST /um/groups/{groupId}/shares/{resourceId} Add a resource to a group
UserManagementApi um_groups_shares_put PUT /um/groups/{groupId}/shares/{resourceId} Modify resource permissions of a group
UserManagementApi um_groups_users_delete DELETE /um/groups/{groupId}/users/{userId} Remove a user from a group
UserManagementApi um_groups_users_get GET /um/groups/{groupId}/users List Group Members
UserManagementApi um_groups_users_post POST /um/groups/{groupId}/users Add a user to a group
UserManagementApi um_resources_find_by_type GET /um/resources/{resourceType} Retrieve a list of Resources by type.
UserManagementApi um_resources_find_by_type_and_id GET /um/resources/{resourceType}/{resourceId} Retrieve a Resource by type.
UserManagementApi um_resources_get GET /um/resources List All Resources.
UserManagementApi um_users_delete DELETE /um/users/{userId} Delete a User
UserManagementApi um_users_find_by_id GET /um/users/{userId} Retrieve a User
UserManagementApi um_users_get GET /um/users List all Users
UserManagementApi um_users_groups_get GET /um/users/{userId}/groups Retrieve a User's group resources
UserManagementApi um_users_owns_get GET /um/users/{userId}/owns Retrieve a User's own resources
UserManagementApi um_users_post POST /um/users Create a user
UserManagementApi um_users_put PUT /um/users/{userId} Modify a user
UserManagementApi um_users_s3keys_delete DELETE /um/users/{userId}/s3keys/{keyId} Delete a S3 key
UserManagementApi um_users_s3keys_find_by_key GET /um/users/{userId}/s3keys/{keyId} Retrieve given S3 key belonging to the given User
UserManagementApi um_users_s3keys_get GET /um/users/{userId}/s3keys Retrieve a User's S3 keys
UserManagementApi um_users_s3keys_post POST /um/users/{userId}/s3keys Create a S3 key for the given user
UserManagementApi um_users_s3keys_put PUT /um/users/{userId}/s3keys/{keyId} Modify a S3 key having the given key id
UserManagementApi um_users_s3ssourl_get GET /um/users/{userId}/s3ssourl Retrieve S3 object storage single signon URL for the given user
VolumeApi datacenters_volumes_create_snapshot_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes/{volumeId}/create-snapshot Create Volume Snapshot
VolumeApi datacenters_volumes_delete DELETE /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes/{volumeId} Delete a Volume
VolumeApi datacenters_volumes_find_by_id GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes/{volumeId} Retrieve a Volume
VolumeApi datacenters_volumes_get GET /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes List Volumes
VolumeApi datacenters_volumes_patch PATCH /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes/{volumeId} Partially modify a Volume
VolumeApi datacenters_volumes_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes Create a Volume
VolumeApi datacenters_volumes_put PUT /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes/{volumeId} Modify a Volume
VolumeApi datacenters_volumes_restore_snapshot_post POST /datacenters/{datacenterId}/volumes/{volumeId}/restore-snapshot Restore Volume Snapshot

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization

Basic Authentication

  • Type: HTTP basic authentication

Token Authentication

  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: Authorization
  • Location: HTTP header


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