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Python SDK for the ionoscloud-container-registry API

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Python API client for ionoscloud_container_registry


Container Registry service enables IONOS clients to manage docker and OCI compliant registries for use by their managed Kubernetes clusters. Use a Container Registry to ensure you have a privately accessed registry to efficiently support image pulls.



  • Added new endpoints for Repositories
  • Added new endpoints for Artifacts
  • Added new endpoints for Vulnerabilities
  • Added registry vulnerabilityScanning feature


The IONOS Cloud SDK for Python provides you with access to the IONOS Cloud API. The client library supports both simple and complex requests. It is designed for developers who are building applications in Python. All API operations are performed over SSL and authenticated using your IONOS Cloud portal credentials. The API can be accessed within an instance running in IONOS Cloud or directly over the Internet from any application that can send an HTTPS request and receive an HTTPS response.

Installation & Usage


  • Python >= 3.5

pip install

Since this package is hosted on Pypi you can install it by using:

pip install ionoscloud-container-registry

If the python package is hosted on a repository, you can install directly using:

pip install git+

Note: you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install git+

Then import the package:

import ionoscloud_container_registry


Install via Setuptools.

python install --user

or sudo python install to install the package for all users

Then import the package:

import ionoscloud_container_registry

NOTE: The Python SDK does not support Python 2. It only supports Python >= 3.5.


The username and password or the authentication token can be manually specified when initializing the SDK client:

configuration = ionoscloud_container_registry.Configuration(
client = ionoscloud_container_registry.ApiClient(configuration)

Environment variables can also be used. This is an example of how one would do that:

import os

configuration = ionoscloud_container_registry.Configuration(
client = ionoscloud_container_registry.ApiClient(configuration)

Warning: Make sure to follow the Information Security Best Practices when using credentials within your code or storing them in a file.

HTTP proxies

You can use http proxies by setting the following environment variables:

  • IONOS_HTTP_PROXY_HEADERS - proxy headers

Each line in IONOS_HTTP_PROXY_HEADERS represents one header, where the header name and value is separated by a colon. Newline characters within a value need to be escaped. See this example:

Connection: Keep-Alive
User-Info: MyID
User-Group: my long\nheader value

Changing the base URL

Base URL for the HTTP operation can be changed in the following way:

import os

configuration = ionoscloud_container_registry.Configuration(
client = ionoscloud_container_registry.ApiClient(configuration)

Certificate pinning:

You can enable certificate pinning if you want to bypass the normal certificate checking procedure, by doing the following:

Set env variable IONOS_PINNED_CERT=<insert_sha256_public_fingerprint_here>

You can get the sha256 fingerprint most easily from the browser by inspecting the certificate.

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

API Endpoints table
Class Method HTTP request Description
ArtifactsApi registries_artifacts_get GET /registries/{registryId}/artifacts Retrieve all Artifacts by Registry
ArtifactsApi registries_repositories_artifacts_find_by_digest GET /registries/{registryId}/repositories/{repositoryName}/artifacts/{digest} Retrieve Artifact
ArtifactsApi registries_repositories_artifacts_get GET /registries/{registryId}/repositories/{repositoryName}/artifacts Retrieve all Artifacts by Repository
ArtifactsApi registries_repositories_artifacts_vulnerabilities_get GET /registries/{registryId}/repositories/{repositoryName}/artifacts/{digest}/vulnerabilities Retrieve all Vulnerabilities
LocationsApi locations_get GET /locations Get container registry locations
NamesApi names_check_usage HEAD /names/{name} Get container registry name availability
RegistriesApi registries_delete DELETE /registries/{registryId} Delete registry
RegistriesApi registries_find_by_id GET /registries/{registryId} Get a registry
RegistriesApi registries_get GET /registries List all container registries
RegistriesApi registries_patch PATCH /registries/{registryId} Update the properties of a registry
RegistriesApi registries_post POST /registries Create container registry
RegistriesApi registries_put PUT /registries/{registryId} Create or replace a container registry
RepositoriesApi registries_repositories_delete DELETE /registries/{registryId}/repositories/{repositoryName} Delete repository
RepositoriesApi registries_repositories_find_by_name GET /registries/{registryId}/repositories/{repositoryName} Retrieve Repository
RepositoriesApi registries_repositories_get GET /registries/{registryId}/repositories Retrieve all Repositories
TokensApi registries_tokens_delete DELETE /registries/{registryId}/tokens/{tokenId} Delete token
TokensApi registries_tokens_find_by_id GET /registries/{registryId}/tokens/{tokenId} Get token information
TokensApi registries_tokens_get GET /registries/{registryId}/tokens List all tokens for the container registry
TokensApi registries_tokens_patch PATCH /registries/{registryId}/tokens/{tokenId} Update token
TokensApi registries_tokens_post POST /registries/{registryId}/tokens Create token
TokensApi registries_tokens_put PUT /registries/{registryId}/tokens/{tokenId} Create or replace token
VulnerabilitiesApi vulnerabilities_find_by_id GET /vulnerabilities/{vulnerabilityId} Retrieve Vulnerability

Documentation For Models

All URIs are relative to

API models list

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