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IPDA Library

Project description

The International Planetary Data Alliance (IPDA) supports cross-institution data search, data discover, data retrieval, etc. It uses the Agile OODT (Object Oriented Data Technology) library to handle profile metadata search/retrieval and product search/retrieval. It also provides utilities to create, manipulate, and serialize VOTables.


This document tells you how to install the IPDA Library.

Quick Instructions

As a user with administrative privileges, run:

easy_install ipda

That’s it.

Full Instructions

The IPDA Library requires the Python programming language. We recommend version 2.4 or later. As of this writing, 2.6 is the latest stable version. If Python is not yet installed on your system, you can find binary and and source distributions from the Python website.

To test if a correct version of Python is available on your system, run:

python -V

You should see output similar to:

Python 2.6

indicating the version of Python installed. The IPDA Library also requires Agile OODT. OODT is Object Oriented Data Technology, a framework for metadata and data grids. Agile OODT is a Python version of OODT that supports higher performance and easier integration than the Java version.

By far the easiest, recommended, and encouraged way to install the IPDA Library is to use EasyInstall. If your Python installation has EasyInstall available to it, then this one command is all you need to run in order to download, build, install, and generate command-line tools all in one go for all users on your system:

easy_install ipda

Be sure to run that command as an administrative user. For example, on Mac OS X and other Unix systems, you might need to run:

sudo easy_install ipda

That will also download and install all dependencies, including Agile OODT.


There are currently no executables within the IPDA Library at this time. It solely provides VOTable and PDAP functions.

Installing EasyInstall

If you happen to be on a system where your Python installation lacks easy install, worry not! Upgrading your system to gain EasyInstall’s abilities is quite simple. Follow these instructions:

  1. Download

  2. As an administrative user, run the freshly-downloaded file using your system’s Python.

EasyInstall and its necessary libraries will be downloaded, built, and installed for you, and the easy_install executable generated. The location of the easy_install executable is in your platform’s standard location for Python scripts, and is usually where the python executable is itself. For example, on Mac OS X 10.5, the directory is:


Installing Without EasyInstall

If EasyInstall is not available on your system, you can still make a proper installation of the IPDA Library. Follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Agile OODT source distribution from Substitute version numbers as appropriate.

  2. Download the IPDA Library source distribution from Substitute version numbers as appropriate.

  3. Unpack each archive.

  4. Change the current working directory to each newly-created subdirectory, oodt-0.0.1 and ipda-0.0.1, again substituting version numbers as appropriate.

  5. As an administrative user, run: python install in each subdirectory.

Issues and Questions

To report any problems with or ask for help about the IPDA Library, visit our contact web page.


0.0.3 - Bug Fix

Irma Trejo at New Mexico State University observed that the “DATA_SET_NAME” profile element wasn’t being set. This release updates the unit tests to check for that, and repairs the problem.

0.0.2 - Bug Fix

This release addresses the special case of the handling of the PDS resource class “dataset” to the PDAP resource class “DATA_SET” (with an underscore). It now properly adds the underscore.

0.0.1 - FCS

First customer ship includes PDS-to-PDAP query capabilities.

0.0.0 - Unreleased

This is an initial proof-of-Python implementation that provides minimal function of:

  • VOTables in Python

  • GRS data access

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