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Interactive ProgressBar natively built with IPython

Project description

Interactive ProgressBar

Python progress bar that uses native ipython functionality. Widget-free. Works even in JupyterLab.

The reason for creating this package is that other progress bars use custom bar objects and/or widget tools, ignoring the builtin IPython functionality. This makes them unusable in "clean" environments like JupyterLab. In contrast, ipynb can run even in very restricted environments.

Another useful feature of ipypb is that the progress bar information is available even after closing a notebook and killing its ipython kernel. Once you launch this notebook again, you'll see the same progress bar information as before closing instead of widjet-related erorrs like Failed to display Jupyter Widget of type HBox.


Currently at beta stage.

Simple usage example:

from time import sleep
from ipypb import track

for i in track(range(10)):

A few other conveniences are available. For example, you can use ipypb as a python's range-like function:

from ipypb import irange

for i in irange(1, 10, 2): # same as range(1, 10, 2) but with progressbar
    # <do stuff>

It may also be helpful to use the factory method ipb, which handles different usage scenarios and returns either track or irange instance depending on input arguments. Another usage example is when you already have a bunch of code with tqdm and want to replace it with ipypb:

from ipypb import ipb

tqdm_notebook = ipb
# or if you run it in interactive shell
tqdm = ipb

It will automatically process keyword arguments to ensure compatibility with tqdm's API. Note, that ipb offers a common interface for both notebook and terminal environments.


pip install ipypb


Python 3.6+ and IPython v.5.6+ excluding v.6.1 and v.6.2


  • The feature to erase progressbar when loop is over is not yet supported.
  • Hasn't been tested yet in multithread and multiprocessor environemnts.

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