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Neo4j Cypher cell and line magic for IPython, Pandas, NetworkX and matplotlib

Project description


Javier de la Rosa,

Introduces a %cypher (and %%cypher) magic for Neo4j in IPython. Inspired by Catherine Devlin’s ipython-sql.

Connect to a graph database, using neo4jrestclient_ driver, then issue Cypher commands within IPython or IPython Notebook. See examples.


As easy as usual:

pip install ipython-cypher


Inside IPython, load the extension:

%load_ext cypher

And then you are reay to go by using the %cypher line magic:

%cypher MATCH (a)-[]-(b) RETURN a, b

Some Cypher queries can be very long, in those cases the the cell magic, %%cypher comes in handy:

    // Nodes
    (Neo:Crew {name:'Neo'}),
    (Morpheus:Crew {name: 'Morpheus'}),
    (Trinity:Crew {name: 'Trinity'}),
    // Relationships

Note that by default ipython-cypher will connect to http://localhost:7474/db/data.

Queries results can be stored in a variable and then converted to a Pandas DataFrame:

results = %cypher MATCH (a)-[]-(b) RETURN a, b

Or to a NetworkX MultiDiGraph:


For more detailed descriptions, please visit the official documentation.



Release date: 22-Apr-2015

  • Fixed error with conn when executing Cypher outside of IPython.


Release date: 20-Feb-2015

  • Added documentation.

  • Added option to run Cypher queries outside IPython

  • Added a better graph plot algorithm for matplotlib.


Release date: 17-Nov-2014

  • First public release of ipython-cypher

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