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IRC client session state parsing library

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I wanted a bare-bones reference implementation of taking byte input, parsing it into tokens and then managing an IRC client session state from it.

with this library, you can have client session state managed for you and put additional arbitrary functionality on top of it.



import ircstates

server = ircstates.Server("freenode")
lines  = server.recv(b":server 001 nick :hello world!\r\n")
lines += server.recv(b":nick JOIN #chan\r\n")
for line in lines:

chan = server.channels["#chan"]

socket to state

import ircstates, irctokens, socket

NICK = "nickname"
CHAN = "#chan"
HOST = ""
PORT = 6667

server  = ircstates.Server("freenode")
sock    = socket.socket()

sock.connect((HOST, PORT))
def _send(raw: str):

_send("USER test 0 * test")
_send(f"NICK {NICK}")

while True:
    recv_data  = sock.recv(1024)
    recv_lines = server.recv(recv_data)
    for line in recv_lines:
        print(f"< {line.format()}")

        # user defined behaviors...
        if line.command == "PING":
            _send(f"PONG :{line.params[0]}")

get a user's channels

>>> server.users
{'nickname': User(nickname='nickname')}
>>> user = server.users["nickname"]
>>> user
>>> user.channels

get a channel's users

>>> server.channels
{'#chan': Channel(name='#chan')}
>>> channel = server.channels["#chan"]
>>> channel
>>> channel.users
{'jess': ChannelUser(#chan jess)}

get a user's modes in channel

>>> channel = server.channels["#chan"]
>>> channel_user = channel.users["nickname"]
>>> channel_user
ChannelUser(#chan jess +ov)
>>> channel_user.modes
{'o', 'v'}


Come say hi at #irctokens on

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