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Isilon SDK

Project description


This package is part of the Isilon SDK. It includes language bindings for easier programmatic access to the OneFS API for cluster configuration (on your cluster this is the REST API made up of all the URIs underneath https://[cluster]:8080/platform/*, also called the “Platform API” or “PAPI”). The SDK also includes language bindings for the OneFS RAN (i.e. RESTful Access to Namespace) interface, which provides access to the OneFS filesystem namespace.


pip install isi_sdk_7_2


The SDK documentation is auto generated by Swagger Codegen and is located in the isilon_sdk_python repository. Please select the repository branch that is applicable to the SDK package and OneFS version for accurate documentation references. All SDK methods and models are linked from the top level README file.

Example program

Here’s an example of using the Python PAPI bindings to retrieve a list of NFS exports from your cluster:

from pprint import pprint
import urllib3

import isi_sdk_7_2
from import ApiException


# configure username and password
configuration = isi_sdk_7_2.Configuration()
configuration.username = "YOUR_USERNAME"
configuration.password = "YOUR_PASSWORD"
configuration.verify_ssl = False

# configure host = "https://YOUR_CLUSTER_HOSTNAME_OR_NODE_IP:8080"
api_client = isi_sdk_7_2.ApiClient(configuration)
protocols_api = isi_sdk_7_2.ProtocolsApi(api_client)

# get all exports
sort = "description"
limit = 50
dir = "ASC"
    api_response = protocols_api.list_nfs_exports(sort=sort, limit=limit, dir=dir)
except ApiException as e:
    print "Exception when calling ProtocolsApi->list_nfs_exports: %s" % e

There are more examples of coding to the Python PAPI bindings in the tests subdirectory of the repo. The tests currently run against a generic isi_sdk import which is how the bindings library is named by default if you build your own bindings. If you want to run the tests against one of the libraries you’ve downloaded from the prebuilt releases page, you should change the import isi_sdk lines to import isi_sdk_7_2 or import isi_sdk_8_0 depending on which one you downloaded.

More info

See the Github repo for more information:

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