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Python library for ISO 639 standard

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GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPLv3)


  • ISO 639-1

  • ISO 639-2

  • ISO 639-3

  • ISO 639-5

Breaking changes

  • 0.4.0: alpha3 has been renamed to part3. languages.alpha3 might be used as an aggregation of all ‘three letter codes’ in the future.


This library is aimed to be fully compatible with pycountry.languages v1.11 and before. In v1.12 they broke their own API and this library will not support the new API.

It provides the following attribute abstractions:

  • terminology -> part2t

  • bibliographic -> part2b

  • alpha2 -> part1

If you have no intentions on using pycountry.languages or want/need to keep compatibility then please use the partX attributes for brevity and clarity.


As taken from pycountry.languages v1.11 documentation, with modifications and further additions.

>>> from iso639 import languages
>>> from pprint import pprint

>>> len(languages)

>>> type(list(languages)[0])
<class 'iso639.iso639._Language'>

# Compatibility
>>> aragonese = languages.get(alpha2='an')
>>> aragonese.alpha2
>>> aragonese.bibliographic
>>> aragonese.terminology

>>> bengali = languages.get(alpha2='bn')

# We *do not* deviate from the standard
>>> try:
...     bengali.common_name
... except AttributeError as e:
...     print(e)
'_Language' object has no attribute 'common_name'

# New API
>>> aragonese = languages.get(part1='an')
>>> aragonese.part1
>>> aragonese.part2b
>>> aragonese.part2t
>>> aragonese.part3
>>> aragonese.inverted
>>> pprint(vars(aragonese))
{'inverted': 'Aragonese',
 'macro': '',
 'name': 'Aragonese',
 'names': [],
 'part1': 'an',
 'part2b': 'arg',
 'part2t': 'arg',
 'part3': 'arg',
 'part5': ''}

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