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Buildout recipes for create zope2instances

Project description


This is a temporary fork of plone.recipe.zope2instance that has slightly tweaked exit code handling. Unless you need this, we suggest using the upstream recipe.

This recipe creates and configures a Zope 2 instance in parts. It also installs a control script, which is like zopectl, in the bin/ directory. The name of the control script is the the name of the part in buildout.

You can use it with a part like this:

recipe = isotoma.recipe.zope2instance
zope2-location = /path/to/zope2/install
user = admin:admin
http-address = 8080
eggs = ${buildout:eggs} my.package
products = ${buildout:directory}/products
zcml = my.package


The path where Zope 2 is installed. If you are also using the plone.recipe.zope2install recipe, and you have that configured as a part called ‘zope2’ prior to the zope2instance part, you can use ${zope2:location} for this parameter.
A relative or absolute path to a zope.conf file. If this is not given, a zope.conf will be generated based on the the options below.
The path to the backup script. A wrapper for this will be generated in bin/repozo, which sets up the appropriate environment for running this. Defaults to “${zope2-location}/utilities/ZODBTools/”. Set this to an empty value if you do not want this script to be generated.

The following options all affect the generated zope.conf:

A list of paths where Zope 2 products are installed. The first path takes precedence in case the same product is found in more than one directory.
If you want a custom site.zcml file, put its content here. If this option is used the zcml and zcml-additional options are ignored.
Install ZCML slugs for the packages listed, separated by whitespace. You can specify the type of slug by appending ‘-‘ and the type of slug you want to create. The valid types are configure, overrides and meta. Some examples: my.package-overrides my.package-meta
Extra ZCML statements that should be included in the generated site.zcml file.
A list of paths where additional python packages are installed. The paths are searched in the given order after all egg and products paths.
This controls what character set is used to encode unicode data that reaches ZPublisher without any other specified encoding. This defaults to ‘utf-8’.
Set to ‘on’ to turn on debug mode in Zope. Defaults to ‘off’.
Set to ‘on’ to turn on verbose security (and switch to the Python security implementation). Defaults to ‘off’ (and the C security implementation).
The name of the effective user for the Zope process. Defaults to not setting an effective user.
The default IP address on which Zope’s various server protocol implementations will listen for requests. If this is unset, Zope will listen on all IP addresses supported by the machine. This directive can be overridden on a per-server basis in the servers section. Defaults to not setting an ip-address.
Offset applied to the port numbers used for ZServer configurations. For example, if the http-server port is 8080 and the port-base is 1000, the HTTP server will listen on port 9080. This makes it easy to change the complete set of ports used by a Zope server process. Zope defaults to 0.
Give a port for the HTTP server. Defaults to 8080.
Set to off to defer opening of the HTTP socket until the end of the Zope startup phase. Defaults to on. Note: This option requires Zope >= 2.11.
Give a port for the FTP server. This enables the FTP server.
Give a port for the WebDAV server. This enables the WebDAV server
Valid options are off and on. Defaults to off
Give a port for the ICP server. This enables the ICP server.
Sets the clienthome for the generated instance. Defaults to ${buildout:directory}/var/<name of the section>.
Used to configure the base directory for all things going into var. Defaults to ${buildout:directory}/var.
The filename of the event log. Defaults to var/log/${partname}.log
A custom section for the eventlog, to be able to use another event logger than logfile
Set the level of the console output for the event log. Level may be any of CRITICAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, or ALL. Defaults to INFO.
The filename for the Z2 access log. Defaults to var/log/${partname}-Z2.log.
Set the log level for the access log. Level may be any of CRITICAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, or ALL. Defaults to WARN.
Like event-log-custom, a custom section for the access logger, to be able to use another event logger than logfile.
The filename where the ZODB data file will be stored. Defaults to var/filestorage/Data.fs.
If ‘on’ it enables the demostorage. It is not compatible with blob-storage and rel-storage.
The name of the directory where the ZODB blob data will be stored.

Allows to set a RelStorage instead of a FileStorage.

Contains settings separated by newlines, with these values:

  • type: any database type supported (postgresql, oracle, mysql)
  • RelStorage specific keys, like cache-servers and poll-interval
  • all other keys are passed on to the database-specific RelStorage adapter.


rel-storage =
  type oracle
  user tarek
  password secret
Set to ‘on’ to make this instance a ZEO client. In this case, setting the zeo-address option is required, and the file-storage option has no effect. To set up a ZEO server, you can use the plone.recipe.zope2zeoserver recipe. Defaults to ‘off’.
If ‘zeo-client’ is set to ‘on’ and ‘blob-storage’ is set to a directory that is shared between this instance and the ZEO server (as configured by the ‘blob-dir’ setting on zeo.conf, then setting ‘shared-blob’ to ‘on’ causes this instance not to stream the blob file through the ZEO connection, but just to send the information of the file location to the ZEO server.
Set the address of the ZEO server. Defaults to 8100.
Set the name of the ZEO client. Defaults to the name of the part. If a false value is provided no zeo-client-name will be set.
Set the size of the ZEO client cache. Defaults to ‘30MB’.
Set the persistent cache name that is used to construct the cache filenames. Persistent cache files are disabled by default.
Set the storage number of the ZEO storage. Defaults to ‘1’.
Used in the zeo storage snippets to configure the zeo var folder. Defaults to $INSTANCE_HOME/var.
Enable ZEO authentication and use the given username when accessing the ZEO server. It is obligatory to also specify a zeo-password.
Password to use when connecting to a ZEO server with authentication enabled.
Authentication realm to use when authentication with a ZEO server. Defaults to ‘ZEO’.
Set the ZODB cache size, i.e. the number of objects which the ZODB cache will try to hold. Defaults to 5000.
Set the ZODB cache sizes in bytes. Requires ZODB 3.9 or later.
Specify the number of threads that Zope’s ZServer web server will use to service requests. You shouldn’t change this unless you know what you are doing. Zope’s default is 4.
If given Zope’s default temporary storage definition will be replaced by the lines of this parameter.

Define arbitrary key-value pairs for use as environment variables during Zope’s run cycle.


environment-vars =
  TZ US/Eastern
  TMP /var/tmp

Give additional lines to zope.conf. Make sure you indent any lines after the one with the parameter.


zope-conf-additional =
  locale fr_FR
  http-realm Slipknot
Set this to true to make the generated scripts use relative paths. You can also enable this in the [buildout] section.
The traditional way to run Zope is by using shell scripts. These in turn start-up a Python process with the right settings. By setting this option to true (default false) these shell scripts will not be used. In this case the recipe will directly start the Python process.


3.6 (2009-10-11)

  • Expanded the RelStorage options, including keep-history and replica-conf. [hathawsh]

3.5 (2009-09-05)

  • Added support for relative-paths in the script generation. [jvloothuis]
  • When zope-conf is set the config file will be directly loaded from that location (it previously created a stub zope.conf which included it). [jvloothuis]
  • Added an option to avoid using the normal shell scripts for starting Zope. This makes it possible to avoid the hard-coded paths in these scripts. [jvloothuis]
  • Allow the blob-dir parameter in RelStorage configurations. [hathawsh]

3.4 (2009-08-12)

  • Support in line with fix for LP#407916. [gotcha]
  • Changed the ‘mkzopeinstance’ call respect the ‘bin-directory’ option. [esteele]
  • Removed the zope2-egg option and the simple startup script from the recipe. We assume that we have an egg distribution if zope2-location is not set. [hannosch]
  • Merged the davisagli-eggified-zope branch into the trunk. [hannosch]
  • Add a new icp-address option. This is useful for environments where e.g. squid is used to front a Zope/ZEO cluster. See [neaj]

3.3 - 2009-07-07

  • Add handling for RelStorage options. [elro]
  • Reinstall scripts on update which appears to be good recipe practice. [stefan]

3.2 - 2009-04-02

  • Add a new zcml-additional option. This is useful for environments where non-code configuration (such as database connection details for ore.contentmirror) are managed through zcml. [wichert]

3.1 (2009-03-15)

  • The 2.9 fix for spaces caused a problem using debug (bug 337740) due to the way do_debug passed the “-i” command line argument to get_startup_cmd. [smcmahon]

3.0 (2009-02-27)

  • The 2.9 fix for the instance run command was itself broken and would fail on anything except Windows. [smcmahon]
  • Changed the zope2-egg option to omit any kind of instance creation for now. The mkzopeinstance script relies on being able to import Zope2, which is not available when buildout runs. [hannosch]

2.9 (2009-02-26)

  • The instance run command was vulnerable to spaces in pathnames, and needed some extra quoting for win32. [smcmahon]
  • Check for existence of windows scripts before patching them. Some Linux distributions of Zope2 don’t have these files. [smcmahon]
  • Delegate commands to win32serviceutil.HandleCommand() on win32, instead of starting the interpreter through os.system(). Should shave off a couple seconds from overall time taken to process those commands. [sidnei]
  • Compute serviceClassString ourselves, since we are calling this as a module and not directly as __main__, otherwise the service won’t be installed correctly. [sidnei]

2.8 (2008-12-05)

  • Add more tests for ZEO client with blob and demo storages. Still no test on ‘shared-blob-dir’ option. [encolpe]
  • Always use ‘r’-style strings for passing script and configuration filenames (eg: on ‘instance run <script>’). [sidnei]
  • Add a demo-storage option and tests. [encolpe]
  • Add a first test for blob-storage. [encolpe]

2.7 (2008-11-18)

  • Added a zope2-egg option and an accompanying simple startup script for use with an eggified Zope2. [hannosch]
  • Do not fail with a Zope2 egg checkout. [hannosch]
  • Normalize first argument to os.spawnl. It can get really upset otherwise (dll import failure on a relocatable python install). [sidnei]
  • Use same quoting as on ‘do_foreground’ for servicescript usage. Fixes problems with installing the buildout-based Plone installer for Windows on a path with spaces. [sidnei]
  • Ensure that do_foreground leaves self.options.program arguments as it found them. This makes it possible to use ‘fg’ and ‘debug’ more than once within the same control session. [klm]

2.6 (2008-10-22)

  • Normalize, absolutize and lowercase-ize (is that a word?) paths before comparing, to avoid problems with relative filenames and different drive letter case on Windows. [sidnei]

2.5 (2008-09-22)

  • Add support for zodb-cache-size-bytes from ZODB 3.9 and later. [wichert]

2.4 (2008-07-15)

  • Introduced zope.conf variables “INSTANCEHOME” and “CLIENTHOME”. Its very very helpful in cluster setups with zope-conf-additional sections (buildout lacks to reference the current section). [jensens]
  • Made test command compatible with zope.testing 3.6. [hannosch]

2.3.1 (2008-06-10)

  • No code changes. Released to fix the 2.3 release which put .egg files in the wild. [hannosch]

2.3 (2008-06-06)

  • Need to actually pass in deprecation-warnings, otherwise we get a KeyError. [sidnei]
  • Fix another place where the directory name needed to be escaped to avoid problems with spaces. [sidnei]
  • Don’t try to delete location if it does not exist. [sidnei]

2.2 (2008-06-06)

  • Added deprecation-warnings option that allows turning the option to disable deprecation warnings on or off. You can provide the value error to it, and every deprecation warning will be turned into an exception. [sidnei]
  • Fix copy and paste error that caused a failure on changing runzope.bat to call [sidnei]
  • Escape ‘executable’ argument before passing it to os.spawnl, in order to make it work on Windows when the executable name has spaces on it. [sidnei]
  • Added http-fast-listen option. Use of this option requires Zope >= 2.11. [stefan]

2.1 (2008-06-05)

  • Fixed a test problem on Windows, where explicit closing of files is required. [hannosch]
  • Call from runzope.bat instead of setting PYTHONPATH and calling Zope2/Startup/ That way we set sys.path from inside Python code and avoid exceeding the maximum environment variable limit. [sidnei]
  • Allow to use an alternative temporary storage, by specifying the new zodb-temporary-storage option. [jensens]
  • Added environment-vars option to set environment variables. Changed the zope-conf-additional example code to something that isn’t covered by the recipe. [claytron]

2.0 (2008-05-29)

  • Do not use system but exec when starting Zope. This makes it possible for process management tools to properly manage Zope processes. [wichert]
  • Added site-zcml option Added tests [mustapha]
  • Add support for ZEO authentication. Note that this does not work with any released Zope or ZODB version at this moment. See for required patches. [wichert]
  • Added FTP and WebDAV options [claytron]
  • Allow rel-storage to be an empty string, meaning ‘do not use relstorage’. This allows an extending buildout configuration to disable relstorage again. [mj]

1.9 (2008-04-15)

  • Fix rel-storage parsing for options with spaces. Note that split() or split(None) already strips the string. [mj]

1.8 (2008-04-05)

  • Fixed a Win32 problem in which the presence of Python string escapes in the path to zope.conf (e.g., d:botestpartsinstanceetczope.conf would escape the b). This showed up when using the ‘run’, ‘debug’ or ‘adduser’ commands. This fixes #211416. [smcmahon]
  • Added console command to the instance script, which is equivalent to fg but does not implicitly turn on debug mode but respects the zope.conf setting. [hannosch]

1.7 (2008-03-31)

  • Added new client-home option and let it default to a subfolder of the buildout-wide var folder with a subfolder of the name of the section. [hannosch]
  • Added limited support for running tests under Zope <= 2.8. [hannosch]

1.6 (2008-03-27)

  • Fixed runzope script generation for Zope 2.8. [hannosch]
  • Cleaned up “./bin/instance test” option handling. [stefan]
  • Removed generator expressions as these aren’t supported in < py2.4, which is used by zope 2.7/8. [duffyd]

1.5 (2008-02-29)

  • Added access-log-custom option to be able to use another event logger than the file one for the access logger. [tarek]
  • Fix instance generation to work on Windows with blanks in the path name. This closes #188023. [hannosch, gotti]
  • Added ‘zeo-client-client’ option which results in ‘client <value>’ inside <zeoclient>. [timte, hannosch]
  • Made relstorage handling more generic, so it now supports any RelStorage adapter, including Oracle (which was broken). [mj]

1.4 (2008-02-23)

  • Fix typo in event log parameter name (from “z-log” to “z2-log”), to comply with the documentation. This closes #190943. [kdeldycke]
  • Create pid and lock file folders if they don’t exist. [kdeldycke]
  • Remove hard-coded log level and use the event_log_level parameter to set it dynamically. This closes #190994. [kdeldycke]
  • Added a test environment, using zc.buildout.testing, and a doctest that tries the recipe. [tarek]
  • Added an event-log-custom option [tarek]
  • Added example for the zope-conf-additional option. This closes #185539. [klm, hannosch]
  • Added rel-storage option to be able to wire Zope to RelStorage (postgresql/oracle) instead of a FileStorage database. [tarek]


  • For each entry in recipe-specified ‘extra-paths’ line, add a ‘path’ line to the instance and Zope client zope.conf files. [klm]


  • Added the boolean shared-blob option, defaulting to no. If all of zeo-client, blob-storage and shared-blob options are set, the instance will assume the blob directory set by blob-storage is shared with the server instead of streaming ‘blob’ files through the ZEO connection. [rochael]
  • Changed ctl.do_foreground() (which is invoked by the fg command line argument) start Zope in debug mode to emulate the behavior of zopectl fg. This required a little special WIN32 code to make sure it would work in both *nix and Windows. [smcmahon]
  • Added var option, which is used to configure the base directory for all the things going into var. [hannosch]
  • Added zeo-var option, which is used in the zeo storage snippets to configure the zeo var folder. [hannosch]
  • Merged rochael-blobsupport branch. Added support for ZODB 3.8 blob storage configuration for ZEO clients. This references [rochael, hannosch]
  • Added zeo-client-name option. Defaults to the name of the ZEO client. [hannosch]


  • Small documentation update. Added link to the bugtracker. [hannosch]
  • Changed default of zope.conf option ‘default-zpublisher-encoding’ to ‘utf-8’ instead of Zope’s default value of ‘iso-8859-15’.
  • Have PID file’s location default to ‘${buildout:directory}/var/${name}.pid’. Keeping the PID file in $INSTANCE_HOME gives trouble when buildout rebuilds the part. [nouri, mustapha]


  • Increased ‘zodb_cache_size’ default value to 5000, which is more likely a better default these days. [hannosch]
  • Added support for ‘extra-paths’ as in ‘zc.recipe.egg’; this is useful when using regular python packages for which no eggs are available (yet), i.e. with ‘plone.recipe.distros’. [witsch]
  • Added zeo-storage option (merge branch ree-add-zeo-storage-option). [ree]
  • Avoid doubled entries to eggs specified in the buildout in ‘sys.path’: the working set (‘ws’) gets passed again when installing the script (‘bin/instance’), but it is not also added to ‘extra_paths’. [witsch]
  • Patching ‘PYTHONPATH’ in the Zope startup skripts should insert all additional paths (to eggs) __before__ ‘SOFTWARE_HOME’, because otherwise (newer) egg versions of components from the standard Zope distribution (i.e. stuff that lives in ‘lib/python’) cannot be used. [witsch]
  • Changed the option to suppress deprecation warnings to “–nowarn” or ‘–nowarning” to be consistent with “zopectl test”. [witsch]
  • Added option “-w” to allow the test runner to suppress deprecation warnings, so it’s easier to spot failing tests… [witsch]
  • Updated import for Zope 2.7 (and below) compatibility. [duffyd]
  • Merging -r51966:52659 claytron-zopeconfoptions branch to trunk. [claytron]
  • Made the config snippet prettier while still getting the resulting indentation right. [witsch]


  • Added support for zodb 3.8’s “<blobstorage>” directive. [witsch]
  • Added a script name arg before callint zope.testing.testrunner:1772, get_options removes the first arg from the list of arguments expecting a script name there. Was causing “bin/instance test” to behave improperly. [rossp]


  • Use bin if present falling back to utilities. This makes it possible to use a Zope version installed from a tarball and not compiled inplace. [rossp]


  • Found the problem with strange environment variables. [hannosch]
  • Fixed documentation bug, the cache size is respected by non-zeo instance as well. [hannosch]


  • J1m actually read the docs ;) [hannosch]
  • Attempt to fix the sometimes insane number of tests which are found by the test runner. [hannosch]


  • Added an option to set the effective-user. [optilude]


  • Generate a bin/repozo script to perform backups using (and set up the appropriate pythonpath for this to work). [optilude]
  • Document options properly, and add the ability to specify a zope.conf file explicitly rather than having one generated from a template. [optilude]


  • Finally found a way to provide the Zope Windows service with the right environment. We need a new wrapper script, which sets up the PYTHONPATH. [hannosch]
  • Make it possible to configure the name of the zopectl script using the control-script option in the [instance] section. [wichert]


  • Extend support for zcml slugs to include Zope 2.9. [dunny]
  • Added support for making a ZEO-client. [regebro]


  • Initial implementation. [hannosch]

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