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This package can be used to the MSK IT Status Dashboard

Project description


This Python package can be used for reporting to the MSK IT Status Dashboard.


pip install it-status


Use the IT Status class to explicitly control which events you report to the dashboard and when.

from it-status.status import ITStatus

# Setup the ITStatus instance with the URL to the application API and your tenant schema name
status = ITStatus(os.getenv("IT_STATUS_API_URL"), os.getenv("IT_STATUS_TENANT_SCHEMA"))

# These are the different ways of reporting events to your job - the job key can be found on the Jobs page
job_key = "<unique_job_key_here>", message="Ping test is working!")
status.status(job_key, message="CPU Utilization", data=70)
status.start(job_key, message="Process is starting")
status.error(job_key, message="Error in processes", log="Some log message goes here")
status.done(job_key, message="Process is complete", data=100)
status.log(job_key, message="Logging", log={"info": "This is a test log"})

Another option, is to use the ITStatusStartDone, and ITStatusPing decorators. These will automatically report events to the status board for any function that is decorated with them. To report for your entire python script, just decorate your main() function. Note: you must set the const values for the api url, tenant shcema and job key.

The ITStatusStartDone decorator will report a START event at the start of your function, a DONE event (with time to complete) when your function completes and an ERROR if any unhandled execptions are thrown.

def main():
    print("Hello World!")

if __name__ == "__main__":

If you just want you function to ping the status board, use the ITStatusPing decorator. This sends one ping event after your function completes.

def main():
    print("Hello World!")

if __name__ == "__main__":

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