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Twitch APIs client

Project description


A python module for pulling data from the APIs (kraken, tmi, rechat).



pip install itch


Starting in August 2016, the kraken API will `require an application client id <>`_.
If the environment variable ``TWITCH_CLIENT_ID`` is set, itch will use this. There is no default value, but you can use the APIs without one until August;
after which you will have to supply your own.


itch models wrap their own API endpoints, so most items can be loaded by name using the static ``get`` method, and used as dictionaries.
It'd be wise to familiarize yourself with the return values from the `kraken v3 resources <>`_,
as most keys (like ``id`` and ``name``) are not explicitly mentioned in the module, but read from json and made into a ``dict``.


>>> from itch.models import Channel
>>> c = Channel.get('itmejp')
>>> c.followers
>>> c.created_at
datetime.datetime(2010, 2, 28, 9, 30, 51)

All dates are made into timezone-absent ``datetime`` instances. Nested objects are usually rolled into specialized classes of their own.


Lists of objects, where API paging is involved is done through generators, allowing you to seamlessly iterate over every item of a collection.

>>> for follow in c.list_following():
... print follow.created_at,
2011-03-04 03:16:19 giantbomb
2012-10-17 02:36:20 day9tv
2014-01-18 02:14:50 greenspeak
2014-01-20 00:50:58 towelliee
2014-07-16 05:42:50 camiwins
2014-07-28 23:31:00 incontroltv
... <snip>


Video objects can reprint chat, if the VOD is still available on .


>>> for video in c.past_streams():
... for chatline in video.chat_replay():
... print "[%s] %s: %s" % (, chatline['from'], chatline.message)
... break
... break
[v80935574] mwthecool: Hey everyone!


``Channel`` method ``get_chatters`` can pull real-time chatters, moderators, and admins.


>>> map(str, c.get_chatters().moderators)
['crosseye_jack', 'gray_mask', 'itmebot', 'itmejp', 'reginaldxiv', 'strippin', 'tahkai11', 'zodiacviii']


Currently, only a file-based cache adapter is ready. Adapters for ``redis`` and ``memcached`` are planned for future releases.
Cache keys are the ``sha256`` of URLs with query parameters, and the values are compressed responses.
To add a cache adapter, plug a ``CacheInterface`` compliant subclass directly to the ``itch.TwitchAPI`` before making requests.


from cache.filetree import FileTreeCache
from itch import TwitchAPI



The ``FileTreeCache`` accepts the optional environment variable ``TWITCH_CACHE_TEMP`` to set the cache path on disk.


``rcache.RedisCache`` requires the pip module ``redis``, which is not installed by itch. Starting with itch 0.3, the required modules can be installed by pip installing ``itch[cache]`` or ``itch[complete]``.
This cache makes use the following environment variables:


REDIS_HOST (default: localhost)
REDIS_PORT (default: 6379)
REDIS_PASSWORD (default: '')
REDIS_DB (default: 1)


``mcache.MemcacheCache`` requires the pip module ``python-memcached``, which is not installed by itch.
This cache makes use the ``MEMCACHE_SERVERS`` environment variable, which should be a comma separated list
of ``<host>:<port>`` items. The default value is ````.

Starting with itch 0.3, the required modules can be installed by pip installing ``itch[cache]`` or ``itch[complete]``.


The command line tool prints tab-separated reports that are suitable for the plotter.


$ itch -h
usage: itch [-h] [-d {asc,desc}] [-l LIMIT] [-c {file,redis,memcache}]
[channel] APIs module

positional arguments:
channel channel

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-d {asc,desc}, --direction {asc,desc}
sorting direction
-l LIMIT, --limit LIMIT
number of items to pull
-c {file,redis,memcache}, --cache {file,redis,memcache}
cache type. See README for required env vars

The cli tool ``itch-plot`` renders charts with data extracted from the ``itch`` CLI or other custom tools. The
module requires the pip modules ``matplotlib`` and ``scipy``, which is not installed by itch (because ``numpy``).

Starting with itch 0.3, the required modules can be installed by pip installing ``itch[plot]`` or ``itch[complete]``.


$ itch-plot -h
usage: itch-plot [-h] [-x XFIELD] [-y YFIELD] [-m XMIN] [-M XMAX] [-n YMIN]
[-N YMAX] [-d DELIMITER] [-r] [-s] [-S STREAMS]
[-t {scatter,line,mixed}] [-l LABEL] [-T TITLE] [-D]
[infile] [outfile]

plot generator

positional arguments:
infile InFile
outfile OutFile

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-x XFIELD X axis field name
-y YFIELD Y axis field name
-m XMIN, --xmin XMIN min x value
-M XMAX, --xmax XMAX maz x value
-n YMIN, --ymin YMIN yin x value
-N YMAX, --ymax YMAX max y value
field delimiter
-r, --record print whole record (for saving subsets)
-s, --silent skip printouts
streams json
-t {scatter,line,mixed}, --type {scatter,line,mixed}
graph type
-l LABEL, --label LABEL
x label
-T TITLE, --title TITLE
chart title
-D, --density Density coloration; much slower renders

Example data pull and chart render:


# dump the last 1K followers to a file
itch -l 1000 -c file followers burkeblack > followers.csv

# dump the last 20 streams to a file
itch -l 20 -c file loots_streams burkeblack > streams.csv

# plot the followers while overlaying the streams,
# trimming the viewport and setting a title.
itch-plot -sS streams.csv -m '2016-07-25' -M '2016-08-01' \
-T 'BurkeBlack - last 1K' followers.csv plot.png

Here is the `resulting graph <>`_


Focused on my own use-cases, kraken v3 resources are not completely covered.
This initial release of itch does not currently work with subscribers or subscriptions, games, or top stream lists.

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