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A dmenu wrapper script

Project description

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A [dmenu]( wrapper script that:

  1. Lets you define menu items as key: value pairs in a [YAML]( file, like:

    Firefox: firefox Terminal: gnome-terminal Nautilus: nautilus –no-desktop –new-window

    The keys are what will be shown in dmenu. The values are the commands that will be run when you select the keys from dmenu. Unlike the usual way of using dmenu, the items shown in the menu don’t have to be the same as the commands executed when they’re selected.

  2. Sorts the items in dmenu most-recently-used first (not yet implemented!)


First install dmenu, then:

pip install itemizer



It accepts all the same command-line arguments as dmenu:

itemizer_run -f -i -nb “#222222” -nf “#bbbbbb” -sb “#005577” -sf “#eeeeee” -fn “--terminus-medium-r---16-------

To customize the menu copy the [default itemizer.yaml file](itemizer/itemizer.yaml) to ~/.itemizer.yaml and edit it.

Itemizer is composed of two subcommands:

  1. itemizer list prints a newline-separated list of all the keys from your items file to stdout, suitable for piping into dmenu.
  2. itemizer show reads a key from stdin, looks up its value in your items file, and prints it to stdout. Pipe the output from dmenu into itemizer show, then pipe the ouput from itemizer show to sh.

Run itemizer -h for complete documentation of the options and subcommands.

[itemizer_run](bin/itemizer_run) is a shell script that ties itemizer list, dmenu, itemizer show and sh together, and that passes any command-line arguments that you pass it on to dmenu.

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