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Gets your weather data for a 16x2 display on raspberry pi

Project description


You can either get the source code and include it in your application manlually, or use can use pip instead.

pip install iwPiWeather

Or depending on your raspberry config for python3 you might need to run

pip3 install iwPiWeather

Use example:

Include your package, define the pins and initialize the thread

import iwPiWeather

displayPinout = { "rs": 22, "en": 17, "d7": 18, "d6": 23, "d5": 24, "d4": 25 }
weather = iwPiWeather.weatherDisplay(apiKey='passyouroowmapikey', poolRate=120, dispPins=displayPinout, autoStart=True)

You can pass the following arguments in the constructor:

  • apiKey - Required field, you need to provide the OpenWeatherMap API key.

  • poolRate - Time to wait between each call to the OpenWeatherMap API.

  • dispPins - Layout of the display pins connection

  • autoStart - If this is toggled off, the thread will start in sleep mode, and no calls will be made until the thread is manually started.

The created weather object will be actually a thread that runs in the background. So you can integrate this functionality in your application, this will run as a background process in a separate thread.

You can temporarily pause the display update thread by calling weather.stopWatch() which will allow you for example to stop pooling and displaying the weather data on the display and use the display for something else in your integration.

To restart the thread and keep reprinting the weather data you can use weather.startWatch()

To stop the thread and cleanup the object you can call weather.stopThread(). This will kill the thread and you can safely stop the application.

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iwPiWeather-0.1.1.tar.gz (3.2 kB view hashes)

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