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Just Another Konsole YouTube-Music

Project description

Just Another Konsole YouTube-Music

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My motivation for creating JAKYM came from my wish to create an application, that I could use to play music comfortably from the command line. I often play games and listen to music simultaneously, but using either Spotify or playing music in a browser takes a lot of resources from both my CPU and RAM.

I spent a lot of time looking through numerous CLI based music players, but they either require setting up a bunch of things, or required premium features to function; sometimes they didn't work at all, even after tinkering for hours.

Hence, instead of tearing my eyes out looking for a solution, I thought that I could code it myself.

So I present to you JAKYM, or "Just Another Konsole YouTube-Music": a command-line Youtube music player, written in Python with both Spotify and Youtube playlist support, easy on both memory and CPU resources.



Using Command Line Options

  • Run it by using jakym command jakym.You can also specify arguments to easily play a playlist or song. The available options can be seen via jakym -h
  • Use jakym -s "link" or jakym -y "link" to instanly start up by queuing a playlist without having to use the command window.
  • You can also use jakym -p "song 1" "song 2" "song 3" to queue up multiple songs.
  • To instantly queue a saved jakym playlist run jakym -l playlistpath playlistname.
  • This will launch into jakym command window.


Using Jakym Command Window

  • The program opens up into the jakym command window.
  • Use commands to view all available commands.
  • Enter a songname in command window to search for song or just enter its youtube link to play directly from a link.
  • Jakym will queue the song once you type it and allow you to add the next song.
  • The queue operates independent of the command window and plays the song on a separate thread.
  • To exit the command window and hence the application simply type exit.


  • Type spotify to play music using spotify playlist
  • Type youtube to play music using youtube playlist
  • Use rm to remove the last queued song from the playlist.
  • Type shuffle to shuffle your queue.
  • Use load to load a playlist and save to save your playlist. Include the trailing slash in path i.e. specify path as C:\Users\Lex\Music\ or /home/lex/Projects/jakym/.
  • Use play , pause, next, back to control the playback.
  • Use repeat all, repeat song and repeat offto control song repetition.
  • Use seek with an integer like 10 or -10 to control the current song.


For Arch Linux users, jakym is available in the AUR. Simply use your favourate helper to get it.

To Update jakym simply run pip install --upgrade jakym

Installing ffmpeg

ffmpeg is required for this program to work correctly. Install ffmpeg by following these steps:

Installing simpleaudio

simpleaudio is an optional pydub dependency, however it is essential for proper working of jakym as the playback depends on simpleaudio.

On Linux

  • Install Dependencies by sudo apt-get install -y python3-dev libasound2-dev
  • Install with: pip install simpleaudio

On Windows

  • Download the .whl file of simpleaudio from here
  • Once downloaded, it can be installed using the following command : pip install package_name.whl

Installing jakym

  • Install by using pypi :-pip install jakym

  • Run using jakym command jakym

Violla jakym is now installed!

Enjoy jakym

How It Works

  • The program starts and runs two threads, one to input music into the playlist and the other to iterate over the playlist, download the corresponding music and play it.
  • The yt-dlp library does most of the heavy lifting of both parsing links and downloading them into a suitable file format.
  • The pydub and simpleaudio libraries provide cross-platform audio playback without any issues but setting up simpleaudio on windows and Linux take a different approach.
  • The program runs until user types exit.

Version history

Version Improvements
0.4.1 Switched Backend From youtube-dl to yt-dlp for faster downloads
0.4.0 Playback controls, Bug fixes
0.3.3 Better temporary file management, Playlist management support
0.3.2 Fixed heavy CPU usage while Idling, Added command line arguments, Fixed colour issues on Windows
0.3.1 Bug fixes and Shuffle
0.3 Added Youtube Playlist support, Improved Readme
0.2 Added Spotify playlist support, Bug fixes
0.1.1 Improved documentation, Command line integration
0.1 Initial release


Copyright (c) 2021 Mayank Jha

License - GNU GPL v3

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