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A Pandas extension to make work with Jalali Date easier.

Project description

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Jalali Pandas Extentsion

A pandas extension that solves all problems of Jalai/Iraninan/Shamsi dates

Jalali Pandas python package


Series Extenstion

  • Convert string to Jalali date 1388/03/25 --> jdatetime(1388,3,25,0,0)
  • Convert gregorian date to Jalali date datetime(2019,11,17,0,0) --> jdatetime(1398,8,26,0,0)
  • Convert Jalali date to gregorian date jdatetime(1398,10,18,0,0) --> datetim(2020,1,8,6,19)

DataFrame extenstion

  • Support grouping by Jalali date
  • Group by year, month, days, ...
  • Shortcuts for groups: ymd for ['year','month','day'] and more
  • Resampling: Convenience method for frequency conversion and resampling of time series but in Jalali dateformat. (comming soon)


pip install -U jalali-pandas


Just import jalali-pandas and use pandas just use .jalali as a method for series and dataframes. Nothin outside pandas.

jalali-pandas is an extentsion for pandas, that add a mehtod for series/columns and dataframes.


import pandas as pd
import jalali_pandas

# create dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame({"date": pd.date_range("2019-01-01", periods=10, freq="D")})

# convert to jalali
df["jdate"] = df["date"].jalali.to_jalali()

# convert to gregorian
df["gdate"] = df["jdate"].jalali.to_gregorian()

# parse string to jalali
df1 = pd.DataFrame({"date": ["1399/08/02", "1399/08/03", "1399/08/04"]})
df1["jdate"] = df1["date"].jalali.parse_jalali("%Y/%m/%d")

# get access to jalali year,quarter ,month, day and weekday
df['year'] = df["jdate"].jalali.year
df['month'] = df["jdate"].jalali.month
df['quarter'] = df["jdate"].jalali.quarter
df['day'] = df["jdate"]
df['weekday'] = df["jdate"].jalali.weekday


import pandas as pd
import jalali_pandas

df = pd.DataFrame(
    "date": pd.date_range("2019-01-01", periods=10, freq="M"),
    "value": range(10),
# make sure to create a column with jalali datetime format. (you can use any name)
df["jdate"] = df["date"].jalali.to_jalali()

# group by jalali year
gp = df.jalali.groupby("year")

#group by month
mean = df.jalali.groupby('mean')

#groupby year and month and day
mean = df.jalali.groupby('ymd')
# or
mean = df.jalali.groupby(['year','month','day'])

#groupby year and quarter
mean = df.jalali.groupby('yq')
# or
mean = df.jalali.groupby(['year','quarter'])

راهنمای فارسی

برای مطالعه راهنمای فارسی استفاده از کتابخانه به این آدرس مراجعه کنید.

معرفی بسته pandas-jalali | آموزش کار با تاریخ شمسی در pandas معرفی بسته pandas-jalali | آموزش کار با تاریخ شمسی در pandas

راهنمای ویدیویی



  • add gregorian to Jalali Conversion
  • add Jalali to gregorian Conversion
  • add support for sampling
  • add date parser from other columns
  • add date parser from string

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