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Collection objects similar to those in stdlib by jaraco

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Models and classes to supplement the stdlib ‘collections’ module.

See the docs, linked above, for descriptions and usage examples.

Highlights include:

  • RangeMap: A mapping that accepts a range of values for keys.

  • Projection: A subset over an existing mapping.

  • DictFilter: A different implementation of a projection.

  • KeyTransformingDict: Generalized mapping with keys transformed by a function.

  • FoldedCaseKeyedDict: A dict whose string keys are case-insensitive.

  • BijectiveMap: A map where keys map to values and values back to their keys.

  • ItemsAsAttributes: A mapping mix-in exposing items as attributes.

  • IdentityOverrideMap: A map whose keys map by default to themselves unless overridden.

  • FrozenDict: A hashable, immutable map.

  • Enumeration: An object whose keys are enumerated.

  • Everything: A container that contains all things.

  • Least, Greatest: Objects that are always less than or greater than any other.

  • pop_all: Return all items from the mutable sequence and remove them from that sequence.

  • DictStack: A stack of dicts, great for sharing scopes.

  • WeightedLookup: A specialized RangeMap for selecting an item by weights.

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