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Framework-agnostic library for checking array shapes at runtime.

Project description

JAX ResNet - Implementations and Checkpoints for ResNet Variants

Build & Tests

A Flax (Linen) implementation of ResNet (He et al. 2015), Wide ResNet (Zagoruyko & Komodakis 2016), ResNeXt (Xie et al. 2017), ResNet-D (He et al. 2020), and ResNeSt (Zhang et al. 2020). The code is modular so you can mix and match the various stem, residual, and bottleneck implementations.


You can install this package from PyPI:

pip install jax-resnet

Or directly from GitHub:

pip install --upgrade git+


See the bottom of jax-resnet/ for the available aliases/options for the ResNet variants (all models are in Flax)

Pretrained checkpoints from torch.hub are available for the following networks:

  • ResNet [18, 34, 50, 101, 152]
  • WideResNet [50, 101]
  • ResNeXt [50, 101]
  • ResNeSt [50-Fast, 50, 101, 200, 269]

The models are tested to have the same intermediate activations and outputs as the torch.hub implementations, except ResNeSt-50 Fast, whose activations don't match exactly but the final accuracy does.

A pretrained checkpoint for ResNetD-50 is available from The activations do not match exactly, but the final accuracy matches.

import jax.numpy as jnp
from jax_resnet import pretrained_resnest

ResNeSt50, variables = pretrained_resnest(50)
model = ResNeSt50()
out = model.apply(variables,
                  jnp.ones((32, 224, 224, 3)),  # ImageNet sized inputs.
                  mutable=False)  # Ensure `batch_stats` aren't updated.

You must install PyTorch yourself (instructions) to use these functions.

Transfer Learning

To extract a subset of the model, you can use Sequential(model.layers[start:end]).

The slice_variables function (found in in allows you to extract the corresponding subset of the variables dict. Check out that docstring for more information.

Checkpoint Accuracies

The top 1 and top 5 accuracies reported below are on the ImageNet2012 validation split. The data was preprocessed as in the official PyTorch example.

Model Size Top 1 Top 5
ResNet 18 69.75% 89.06%
34 73.29% 91.42%
50 76.13% 92.86%
101 77.37% 93.53%
152 78.30% 94.04%
Wide ResNet 50 78.48% 94.08%
101 78.88% 94.29%
ResNeXt 50 77.60% 93.70%
101 79.30% 94.51%
ResNet-D 50 77.57% 93.85%

The ResNeSt validation data was preprocessed as in zhang1989/ResNeSt.

Model Size Crop Size Top 1 Top 5
ResNeSt-Fast 50 224 80.53% 95.34%
ResNeSt 50 224 81.05% 95.42%
101 256 82.82% 96.32%
200 320 83.84% 96.86%
269 416 84.53% 96.98%


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