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Pythonic replacement for GNU Make

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Jeeves Shell

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A Pythonic replacement for GNU Make, with re-usability and modularity added as a bonus.

Jeeves transforms your shell experience by enabling you to create custom Python-based shell commands to manage and automate your development workflows.


  • Custom Shell Commands: Construct commands to build, compile, lint, format, test, deploy, and propel your projects forward.
  • Python-Powered: Use Python for readable and maintainable workflows.
  • Rich Integrations: Stylish command output with rich and sh.
  • Plugin System: Share your setup across projects.

Quick Start

Install with pip:

pip install 'jeeves-shell[all]'

Or with poetry:

poetry add --group dev --extras=all jeeves-shell


Create a file named in the root of your project.

import rich
import sh

def hi():
    """Hello world."""
    user_name = sh.whoami()
    machine = sh.uname('-a')

    rich.print(f'Hello [b]{user_name}[/b]!')
    rich.print(f'This code is running on: [b]{machine}[/b].')

And then execute in your shell:

j hi

this should print something along the lines of:

Hello john-connor!
This code is running on: Cyberdyne T800!

Learn More

Read the tutorial!


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