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TUI Jello Explorer - filter JSON and JSON Lines data with Python syntax.

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Jello Explorer

TUI to filter JSON and JSON Lines data with Python syntax

Here is a video of jellex in action:

Jello Explorer (jellex) is a Text User Interface program to interactively process JSON and JSON Lines at the console using Python syntax. jellex uses jello on the back-end to run the queries.


Jello Explorer can be installed via pip:


pip install jellex


jellex FILE


$ jellex file.json

or with process substitution:

$ jellex <(git log | jc --git-log)

An Editor window displays on the left and a Viewer window displays on the right. A Schema view can be toggled on the right and a Status window displays on the bottom.

The Editor window uses standard EMACS key bindings and allows you to type your Python syntax query. _ is the loaded JSON from the file presented as a python dict or list of dicts. You can use dot notation or traditional python bracket notation to access key names.

As you modify your query, the Viewer and Schema windows will update with the latest results. If there are any errors in the query (syntax errors, etc.), they will be displayed in the Status window at the bottom.

Tab completions are available for current context list indicies and key names.

Use CTRL-\ to toggle the focus between the Editor, Viewer, and Schema windows.

Use CTRL-S to toggle the Schema window.

Use CTRL-Q or CTRL-Cto exit.

Note: Reserved key names that cannot be accessed using dot notation can be accessed via standard python dictionary notation. (e.g.["get"] instead of

Here is an example after running jellex twitterdata.json and modifying the query:


When you exit (CTRL-Q or CTRL-C), you will be presented with your jello filter:

$ jellex twitterdata.json
Your query:

jello '_[0].user'


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