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A package templating system.

Project description

# jetpack

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Jetpack is a package
system based on the [mustache]( template syntax.

A jetpack template (pack) is just a directory containing subdirectories and
template files. A pack might be a
[python package](,
[R package](,
[Ruby gem](,

Packs are stored in a [hanger]( and
rendered by the jetpack utility.

## the Hanger

A simple hanger might look like this:


Each pack has it's own directory in the hanger and contains all the
subdirectories and template files for that pack. Additionally `pack.cfg` and
`pack.json` files may exist at the hanger and/or pack level.

### Template Files

Templates use the [mustache]( template syntax
(implemented with [pystache](

Partials are relative to the hanger directory.


# {{team}}
{{first}} {{last}}
## Bio
{{> pack2/bio.txt}}
Created: {{today}}


Belichick has extensive authority over the Patriots'...

### Context Files

Context is stored in **pack.json** files.


"team": "New England Patriots"


"first": "Bill",
"last": "Belichik",
"role": "coach"

#### Built-in Context

The default context includes the following tags, which can be overwritten in a
context file, if desired.


* today: %c
* year: %Y
* month: %m
* day: %d
* hour: %H
* minute: %M
* second: %S

### Configuration Files

Configuration is stored in **pack.cfg** files. The following options are

A pack object can inherit the templates, contexts, and configurations of other
packs. Base classes are separated by a comma.

base: python,generic

#### Inheritance

When base classes are specified, templates, contexts, and configurations are
inherited in the following order:

* pack
* pack bases (recursive)
* hanger

Circular imports are not permitted.

Set the format of built-in context tags by using the datetime

today: %c
year: %Y
month: %m
day: %d
hour: %H
minute: %M
second: %S

## Installation

$ git clone
$ python install


$ pip install jetpack

## Usage

jetpack provides a terminal command `jetpack`:

$ jetpack python -s /path/to/hanger
name: my_package
description: The best package!

try `jetpack --help` for additional details on usage.

and a python module for interaction:

import jetpack
jetpack.launch(hanger='/path/to/hanger', pack='python', name='my_package',
description='The best package!')

## Example

Fork my [hanger]( to get started. This
example demonstrates using...

* partials to create .gitignore and LICENSE
* subclasses to render python-flask pack from python pack
* built-in datetime context

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