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A simple Javascript expression builder written for Python.

Project description



A silly little JS expression builder to let you use native Python to build Javascript expression strings.

This package only allows the creation of simple (that is, non-assignment) Javascript expressions using an intuitive Python DSL.

Logical Expressions

>>> from jexp import J
>>> e = J('var_1') & J('var_2')
>>> str(e)


>>> str(e | 'abc')


The argument to the J class will be output as a str in the resulting JS- so J('my_var') is a good way to refer to a var, and J(5) to the number literal 5. If you need an actual string, you can either add the quotes yourself in the J call - J('"my string"') - or otherwise combine the J object with a str, as shown above.

Mathematical Expressions

>>> str(J(5) + 28)


>>> str(J('my_var') + 28)


Division hasn’t been implemented, but other things you expect are there.


>>> e = J(5) <= 6
>>> str(e)


>>> str(e == "test_string")


Attribute Access

>>> e = J('my_var').attribute
>>> str(e)


This should work for any attribute that doesn’t start with an underscore (and some that do).

Function Calling

>>> e = J('func')('a','b')
>>> str(e)


You can also try this with other J objects.

>>> str(J('func')(J('arg1'),J('arg2')))


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