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Lighweight command line tool for agile project management

Project description


To install the jicagile package.

pip install jicagile

Or install it from source.

git clone
cd jicagile
python install


The package comes with a command line utility named agl. When you run the agl command it assumes that you are in a directory where you want to store your agile project management files.

The agl tool comes with built-in Git integration. To enable this simply initialise the project directory as a git repository.

git init

The step above is optional, but highly recommended. Git is great.

Now let’s illustrate how to add a task to our agile project. The command below creates a task with the title "Learn how to use agl cmd line" of size 3. The available story point sizes are 1, 3, 5 and 8.

agl add "Learn how to use agl cmd line" 3

This will create a backlog directory and place a file named learn-how-to-use-agl-cmd-line.yml file in it. It will also create the directories current/{todo,done}.

To move the task to the current sprint.

agl mv backlog/learn-how-to-use-agl-cmd-line.yml current/todo

To mark the task as done.

agl mv current/todo/learn-how-to-use-agl-cmd-line.yml current/done

To add a task to the current “todo” list one can use the -c argument (mnemonic current).

agl add -c "Email friends about jicagile" 1

To list the content of the backlog.

agl list backlog/

The todo and done directories have aliases so you do not need to specify the full path to list their content.

agl list todo
agl list done

You can edit tasks using your favorite text editor or you can use the agl edit command. For example the command below increases the number of story points from one to five.

agl edit current/todo/email-friends-about-jicagile.yml --storypoints=5

You can add themes to your project.

agl theme add admin "Emails, forms, meetings, etc"
agl edit current/todo/email-friends-about-jicagile.yml --theme=admin

Themes are stored in a .themes.yml file.

It is also possible to add team members to your project.

agl teammember add TO Tjelvar Olsson
agl teammember add MH Matthew Hartley

Team members are stored in a .team.yml file.

You can then associate a task with a primary contact.

agl add "Write report" 8 -p MH -e admin

In the above -p is the short hand for --primary-contact and -e is short hand for --theme.

Note that the agl tool simply creates text files. It can be therefore be used together with git. In fact all of the commands above automatically have Git integration built-in. It can be very satisfying to have the agile project management files under version control on GitHub.

Once you have had your sprint review meeting and all the relevant files have been moved to the current/done directory create a directory named past_sprints.

mkdir past_sprints

Then move and rename the current/done directory there with todays date using a year-month-day scheme.

agl mv current/todo past_sprints/2016-06-19

Release notes


  • Added Git integration

  • Added agl mv command

  • Fixed defect where adding to an empty config file caused and iteration error


  • Added ability to add and remove team members from the command line

  • Updated the format of the output from the agl list command


  • Refactored and redesigned the command line interface

  • Improved test coverage

  • Added color to list output

  • Added ability to associate a task with a theme

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