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A package containing custom filters for jinja2

Project description

Jinja2 Custom Filters

Jinja2 offers many filters to use in your template. But this is limited. This repo offers a number of additional filters that can be used in Jinja2 templates.

How it works

  1. The first and foremost is installation.

     pip install jinja2_custom_filters_extension
  2. Add extension to your jinja environment.

     from jinja2_custom_filters_extension.string_filters_extension import StringFilterExtension
     environment: Environment = Environment(extensions=[StringFilterExtension])
  3. Use the filters that are available in the extension as you would use a built in filter in your jinja templates.
    for ex:

     {{ "abc DEF" | upper_case_first_letter }}
  4. Render your template , the filters should be working.


String Filter Extension

Filter Name Description Example Input Value Generated Output Value
slug Changes the value to lower case and then replaces spaces with dashes aBc DeF GHi abc-def-ghi
upper_case_first_letter Changes only the first letter of the value to upper case. AbC DeF abC DeF

Usage with cookiecutter

cookiecutter is a famous tool for creating projects from project templates.
Itis built on top of jinja2.
These extensions can also be used in a cookiecutter project.

  1. Make sure the package jinja2_custom_filters_extension is installed.

  2. Add extensions in the cookiecutter.json file of your project.
    Refer the link on how to do it. Bascially it is adding the below entry to the json.

    "_extensions": ["jinja2_custom_filters_extension.string_filters_extension.StringFilterExtension"]
  3. Use the filters in your templates.

  4. Thats it. When you run your cookiecutter project, it should work.

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