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What is this

This (simple) script aimed to manage JIRA issues. It designed to be
used from scripts and accept all details via CLI.

To reduce typing one may use configuration file(s) to specify reusable
parameters. A sample config file provided in `/etc/jira-bot/`.
For initial system-wide setup rename `jira-bot.conf.sample` to `jira-bot.conf`
or copy it to user home directory as `.jira-botrc`. Then edit values according
your needs. Here is a sample configuration file. You need to replace values in
angle brackets to your data:




Note, that system-wide and per user config files are **additive** -- that means
you can specify _default server_ in system-wide config, and particular credentials
at `.jira-botrc` **at same section**.

Default server (i.e. when `--server` CLI option is omitted) would be taken from
`default` section of config file. **Per user configuration will take precedence
over the system-wide, but CLI options always win**.

Usage examples:

# Create a new issue using pipe
$ echo 'Bug description...' | jira-bot -v create -s 'Bug summary' -t Bug -f attach.file.1 attach.file.2

# Create a new issue using file w/ description
$ jira-bot create -s 'Proposal summary' -t 'New Feature' -f attach.file.1 attach.file.2 -- description.txt

# Change summary and priority of existed issue
$ jira-bot update -i EXISTED-123 -s 'New summary' -p Trivial

# Add comment visible to developers
$ jira-bot comment -i ISSUE-456 add -v Developers < comment-content.txt

# Brief list of comments
$ jira-bot comment -i ISSUE-456 ls

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