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Project owner: Jay Young


pip install jlpipe


full commands list:

  • dynamojson: convert json from dynamodb format to normal
  • jsonkey: return json keys of each line
  • jsonallkeys: show statistics of keys of json lines
  • jsonselect: select fields from json
  • json2csv: convert json to csv
  • json2pgtext: convert json to postgres plain text then can use pgcopy to import to database
  • parquet2json: convert parquet file to json format
  • jsondecompress: decompress gzip compressed field
  • arrayunpack: similiar to postgres unnest, unnest a array to lines
  • pgcopy: similiar to pgfutter, but it use plain text to copy
  • parallel_split: similiar to parallel --pipe, start multiple worker ahead, and cycle each line of input and route to each worker, then forword workers output to its stdout, not garentee order.
$ cat *.json|parallel_split dynamojson|jsonselect data=. patent_id description=patent_description|jsondecompress description|json2pgtext -a|pgcopg all_patent

$ cat *.json|jsonallkeys -l 10000 -r >/dev/null
$ ls *.parquet|parquet2json|json2pgtext|pgcopg all_patent

More usage reference to the command help text

command --help

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