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Python version of the jMetal framework

Project description

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# jMetalPy: Python version of the jMetal framework
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## Table of Contents
- [Installation](#installation)
- [Usage](#usage)
- [Features](#features)
- [License](#license)

## Installation
To download jMetalPy just clone the Git repository hosted in GitHub:
$ git clone
$ python install

Alternatively, you can install it with `pip`:
$ pip install jmetalpy

## Usage
Examples of configuring and running all the included algorithms are located [in the docs](

## Features
The current release of jMetalPy (v0.9.0) contains the following components:

* Algorithms: local search, genetic algorithm, evolution strategy, simulated annealing, random search, NSGA-II, SMPSO, OMOPSO, MOEA/D, GDE3. Preference articulation-based algorithms; G-NSGA-II and SMPSO/RP; Dynamic versions of NSGA-II and SMPSO.
* Parallel computing based on Apache Spark and Dask.
* Benchmark problems: ZDT1-6, DTLZ1-2, FDA, LZ09, unconstrained (Kursawe, Fonseca, Schaffer, Viennet2), constrained (Srinivas, Tanaka).
* Encodings: real, binary, permutations.
* Operators: selection (binary tournament, ranking and crowding distance, random, nary random, best solution), crossover (single-point, SBX), mutation (bit-blip, polynomial, uniform, random).
* Quality indicators: hypervolume, additive epsilon, GD, IGD.
* [Pareto front plotting]( for problems with two or more objectives (as scatter plot/parallel coordinates/chordplot) in real-time, static or interactive.
* [Experiment class]( for performing studies either alone or alongside jMetal.
* Pairwise and multiple hypothesis testing for statistical analysis, including several frequentist and Bayesian testing methods, critical distance plots and posterior diagrams.

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## License
This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT - see the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for details.

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