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joe generates .gitignore files from the command line for you.

Project description

.. figure::


A .gitignore magician in your command line. Joe generates ``.gitignore``
files from the command line for you.


- Written in uncomplicated Python
- Easy to `install <>`__
- Stupidly `easy to use <>`__
- Supports all Github-supported ```.gitignore``
files <>`__
- Works on Mac, Linux and Windows


Option 1: Homebrew

.. code:: bash

$ brew update
$ brew tap karan/karan
$ brew install gitignore

Option 2: `Pip <>`__

.. code:: bash

$ pip install joe

Option 3: From source

.. code:: bash

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd joe/
$ python install


Basic usage

.. code:: bash

$ joe java # outputs .gitignore file for java to stdout

Overwrite existing ``.gitignore`` file

.. code:: bash

$ joe java > .gitignore # saves a new .gitignore file for java

Append to existing ``.gitignore`` file

.. code:: bash

$ joe java >> .gitignore # appends new .gitignore file for java

Multiple languages

.. code:: bash

$ joe java node python > .gitignore # saves a new .gitignore file for multiple languages

Create and append to a global .gitignore file

You can also use joe to append to a global .gitignore. These can be
helpful when you want to ignore files generated by an IDE, OS, or

.. code:: bash

$ git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore # Optional if you have not yet created a global .gitignore
$ joe OSX SublimeText >> ~/.gitignore

List all available files

.. code:: bash

$ joe ls

# OR

$ joe list


actionscript, ada, agda, android, anjuta, appceleratortitanium,
archives, archlinuxpackages, autotools, bricxcc, c, c++, cakephp,
cfwheels, chefcookbook, clojure, cloud9, cmake, codeigniter,
codekit, commonlisp, composer, concrete5, coq, craftcms, cvs, dart,
darteditor, delphi, dm, dreamweaver, drupal, eagle, eclipse,
eiffelstudio, elisp, elixir, emacs, ensime, episerver, erlang,
espresso, expressionengine, extjs, fancy, finale, flexbuilder,
forcedotcom, fortran, fuelphp, gcov, gitbook, go, gradle, grails,
gwt, haskell, idris, igorpro, ipythonnotebook, java, jboss,
jdeveloper, jekyll, jetbrains, joomla, jython, kate, kdevelop4,
kohana, labview, laravel, lazarus, leiningen, lemonstand,
libreoffice, lilypond, linux, lithium, lua, lyx, magento, matlab,
maven, mercurial, mercury, metaprogrammingsystem, meteor,
microsoftoffice, modelsim, momentics, monodevelop, nanoc, netbeans,
nim, ninja, node, notepadpp, objective-c, ocaml, opa, opencart,
oracleforms, osx, packer, perl, phalcon, playframework, plone,
prestashop, processing, python, qooxdoo, qt, r, rails, redcar,
redis, rhodesrhomobile, ros, ruby, rust, sass, sbt, scala, scons,
scrivener, sdcc, seamgen, sketchup, slickedit, stella, sublimetext,
sugarcrm, svn, swift, symfony, symphonycms, tags, tex, textmate,
textpattern, tortoisegit, turbogears2, typo3, umbraco, unity,
vagrant, vim, virtualenv, visualstudio, vvvv, waf, webmethods,
windows, wordpress, xcode, xilinxise, xojo, yeoman, yii,
zendframework, zephir

Please use the issue tracker to report any bugs or file feature


PRs are welcome. To begin developing, do this:

.. code:: bash

# make virtual env
$ git clone --recursive
$ cd joe/
$ python joe/ java


This is a handly script that automates a lot of developing steps.

.. code:: bash

$ [-h|--help] COMMAND

$ readme Generate README.rst from
$ test Upload release to testpypi
$ prod Upload release to prod pypi

Make sure you have a file ``.pypirc`` in ``~/`` in the following format:


index-servers =

username: <<>>
password: <<>>

username: <<>>
password: <<>>

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