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A Python library easing use of Jordan in your Python code.

Project description

Jordan ?

Jordan project let an executing program being interacted with, from anywhere. Once registered to a Jordan server, a program instance becomes a Jordan client which may emit statuses (such as logs and progress details), and may react to some user action. For example, a Human user may want to trigger an email sending for reporting purpose. Actions are generic, as much as the App GUI. Therefore, you already have an App for your program !

Get started

  1. Get a working Jordan server instance

  2. Import jordan

     from jordan_py import jordan
  3. In your Python program, register to this server

     jordan_instance = jordan.register('<jordan_server_url>')
    1. Send a status

       jordan_instance.send_status('The program is well started.')
    2. React on received message

       while True:
           if jordan_message = jordan_instance.read_message():
                   if jordan_message.action_name == 'BREAK_LOOP':

More use cases

Explore samples for details on features like :

  • action
  • task
  • status type


Has a name, and optionally (typed) (defaulted) parameters. e.g.

        actions = jordan.with_action('send_email')
                .with_parameter('delay', jordan.PARAMETER_TYPE_INT, 0)

        jordan_instance = jordan.register('<jordan_server_url>', 'sample-client-sending-email', actions)


Hierarchy of task/sub-task. The jordan client instance returned by register() function is a root task.

    meal_task = dinner_jordan_instance.create_task('meal')
    dessert_task = dinner_jordan_instance.create_task('dessert')
    meal_task.send_status('Not enough food in storage')
    dessert_task.send_status('Dessert is ready')

Status Type

May be easier to understand and analyze statuses (in a client app which allows filtering).

    meal_task.send_failure_status('Not enough food in storage')
    dessert_task.send_status('Dessert is being prepared')
    dessert_task.send_success_status('Dessert is ready')
    dessert_task.send_typed_status('eaten', 'Dessert has been eaten by Michael')

Project details

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