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JSEngine is a simple wrapper of Javascript engines.

Project description


This is a simple wrapper of Javascript engines, it wraps the Javascript interpreter for Python use.

There are two ways to call interpreters, via dynamic library loading is internal call which is faster than the other one, via subprocess is external call.

  • System's built-in Javascript interpreter:

    macOS: JavascriptCore
    Linux: Gjs on Gnome, CJS on Cinnamon, etc.
    Windows: Chakra (internal call, but not applicable to Windows 7)

  • Two Python bindings (Recommend, internal call):

    PyChakra, QuickJS

  • Any installed external Javascript interpreters, e.g.

    SpiderMonkey, Node.js, QuickJS, etc.

JSEngine used to be part of YKDL, which created by @coslyk.


Install from version package format monthly downloads

pip install jsengine

Or download and Install from source code

python install


  • Python >= 2.7


import jsengine
jsengine.eval('"Hello, world!"')  # => 'Hello, world!'

Use a JSEngine context.

    ctx1 = jsengine.jsengine()
except jsengine.RuntimeError:
    ...  # do something if useless

if jsengine.JSEngine is None:
    ...  # do something if useless
    ctx2 = jsengine.JSEngine("""
            function add(x, y) {
                return x + y;

ctx1.eval('1 + 1')  # => 2

# call funtion"add", 1, 2)  # => 3

# append new script
    function square(x) {
        return x ** 2;
    """)"square", 9)  # => 81

Use a specified external Javascript interpreter.

binary = binary_name or binary_path
kwargs = {
    'name': 'None or any string',  # see ExternalInterpreterNameAlias.keys()
    'tempfile': True,              # use tempfile or not
    'evalstring': True,            # can run command string as Javascript
                                   # or can not, '-e script_code'
    'args': [args1, args2, ...]    # arguments used for interpreter

# case 1
interpreter = jsengine.ExternalInterpreter.get(binary, **kwargs)
if interpreter:
    # found
    ctx = jsengine.ExternalJSEngine(interpreter)

# case 2
if jsengine.set_external_interpreter(binary, **kwargs):
    # set default external interpreter OK
    ctx = jsengine.ExternalJSEngine()

# case 3, maybe get default fallback instead of your specified
    ctx = jsengine.ExternalJSEngine(interpreter=binary, **kwargs)
except jsengine.RuntimeError:
    ...  # do something if useless


JSEngine is released under the MIT License.

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