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Extended JSON encoder for Python data structures

Project description

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Extended JSON encoder for Python data structures.

A subclass of JSONEncoder, it handles these additional types:

  • datetime.datetime — a string of the form YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ or YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sss+HH:MM as defined in ECMA-262.
  • — a string of the form YYYY-MM-DD as defined in ECMA-262.
  • datetime.time — a string of the form HH:MM:ss.sss as defined in ECMA-262.
  • datetime.timedelta - a string representing a duration as defined in ISO-8601. For example, timedelta(days=1, hours=2, seconds=3.4) is represented as P1DT02H00M03.400000S.
  • decimal.Decimal, uuid.UUID — a string representation of the object.
  • enum.Enum — a .value property of enum member.


$ pip install json-ext-encoder


import json
from json_ext_encoder import JSONEncoder

json.dumps({...}, cls=JSONEncoder)


To work on the json-ext-encoder codebase, you'll want to clone the project locally and install the required dependencies via poetry:

$ git clone
$ poetry install

To run tests and linters use command below:

$ poetry run tox

If you want to run only tests or linters you can explicitly specify which test environment you want to run, e.g.:

$ poetry run tox -e py37-tests


json-ext-encoder is licensed under the MIT license. See the license file for details.

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