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convert json to relational db

Project description



Just need defined a json object, then you can save it in to a relational DB like MySQL PostgreSQL or other DB.

Reason To Write This FrameWork

Although NoSQL Database like MongoDB is popular, we still need SQL DataBase for analyze data, so this module is helping us store json to database, and help us build them in db.


  • support mostly common database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLite),

just set database like


See more in types

You can set str2col control Database Column Type like Text or VARCHAR and other.You can see more example in tests/

  • Support Different Style of database column

If you want your db column like some_thing style

from json2db import JFactory, ColumnFormat

If you want your db column to be someThing style, use ColumnFormat.CAMEL

Default we do nothing as the json format.

  • Support Add a TimeStamp for your first table

  • Support set table args for your each table init

  • Support add comment to your field

Just Use {"field": {":my comment": "real value"}}, it can take the my comment to this field

  • Support Control the max_depth of your json table

PS: min is 0 which meaning it only one table for all json

  • Support Restore your data to anther table

if your data like d = {"father_id": 1, "father_name": "father", "brother": {"brother_name": "jack"}, 'sons': [{"son_name": "aa"}}, You can save it to a new table like father - son framework like {"father_id": 1, "brother_name": "jack", 'sons': [{"son_name": "aa", "father_name": "father"}]}

PS: you move brother field to father table, and move father field to son table,you can use, is_press=True)

See more sample please see tests

A Simple Example

For create_table ,store data and search data

from json2db import JFactory, ColumnFormat
d = {"aa": 1, "bb": 2, "brother": {"name": "jack", "namess": [{"other": "jack"}]}, 'sons': [{"son_name": "aa"}]}

factory = JFactory()
model = factory.from_json(data=d, root_name="data")
model.create_tables_in_db()[("aa", 1)], limit=2)

You can save your data to any sqlalchemy support database like MySQL, PostgreSQL,Oracle,SQLite(Default stored if you not set db_url) and so on. The db_url format please see more detail see

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