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JSON Hyper Schema

Implementation of json schema draft 03


$ pip install json_hyper_schema


JSON Hyper Schema makes it possible to validate arbitrary json objects against a json schema.

>>> form json_hyper_schema import Schema

>>> schema = Schema(
'properties': {
'a': {'type': 'string', 'enum': ['a', 'b']},
'b': {
'type': 'array',
'items': {
'properties': {
'b': {'type': 'string', 'enum': ['c', 'd']},
'c': {'uuid': True}
'c': {'default': 'blabla'}
'links': [
'href': '/id/{a}',
'rel': 'self'

>>> schema.validate({'a': 'b', 'b': [{'b': 'c'}, {'b': 'd'}]})

If the data is not valid against the schema a `json_schema.ValidationError` will be raised. This will contain a dictionary of errors. The keys of the dictionary are `json_pointer.Pointer` pointers to the invalid field

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