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Python JSON configuration reader and parser

Project description


Utility that allows to read and parse json config files.

Possible to specify links to the default values in the config (See Usage section).


  1. Install python 3.6+

  2. Ensure pip, setuptools, and wheel are installed and up to date

python -m pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel

  1. Create virtual enviroment (make sure that is not part of the project)

python -m venv <ENV NAME>


python -m venv %path%\to\<ENV NAME>

  1. Active virtual enviroment

%path%\to\<ENV NAME>\Script\activate

  1. Install all project dependencies if needed

pip install -r requirements.txt

  1. Install pandoc and pypandoc. Instruction

pip install pypandoc


Example of the config file:


    "defaults": {
        "dataBaseUrl": "http://db:5000"
    "dataBase1": "<defaults.dataBaseUrl>",
    "dataBase2": "<defaults.dataBaseUrl>"
  1. Specify that lib in your project dependencies

  2. Import from jsonconfigparser.json_config_reader import JsonConfigReader

  3. Create an instance of the class passing config folder path and options

config_path = 'C:\User\test\qa_config.json'
json_config_reader = JsonConfigReader(config_path)
config = json_config_reader.get()
file_path = json_config_reader.get_config_file_path()

>> http://db:5000
>> C:\User\test\qa_config.json

Uploading project to PyPi

  1. Change version in

  2. Upload changes to PyPi server

python sdist upload -r <Repository URL to the PyPi server>

Run unit tests (Example for Visual Studio)

  1. From Visual Studio

    1. Click Test -> Run -> All Test

    2. View Test run in Test Explorer

  2. From CLI

    1. Navigate into project directory

    2. python -m unittest

Generate docs and updating docs

  1. Run easy_install -U sphinx

  2. Navigate to docs folder

  3. Run sphinx-quickstart

  4. Follow instruction

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